mGBA 0.6.2 ra mắt cho psvita

Development of mGBA has been somewhat slow lately because endrift doesn’t have as much time as before. However, we still got an updated version of mGBA and now version 0.6.2 has been released for us to enjoy!


What is mGBA?

mGBA is a Game Boy (Colour) and Game Boy Advance emulator that’s available on a whole slew of platforms including Windows/Mac/Linux computers and some hacked consoles such as the Wii, PSVita and Nintendo 3DS. The main goal of mGBA is to run accurately and at a good speed on lower-end hardware, a feat that’s not too easily achievable but that’s been achieved to some extent.

mGBA on the PSVita in action playing TLZ: The Minish Cap

This emulator is open-source and developed by endrift. It includes many features such as:

  • Sound support
  • Save state support
  • Support for Game Boy multiplayer
  • Cheat code support
  • Other features such as the ability to fast-forward games and launching compressed ROMs in common archive formats.

What’s new/updated in version 0.6.2?

While development on mGBA has slowed down by quite a bit, new updates are still being released by endrift!

mGBA version 0.6.2 brings about the following:

  • An issue that caused poor sound quality on the PSVita has been fixed! No more headache inducing audio in games such as The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap!
  • Many accuracy improvements in GB(C)/GBA emulation which include fixes that properly align screen tiles among other things.
  • A whole slew of stability improvements that will reduce the likelihood of mGBA to crash. Memory leaks, saving issues and some audio issues have all been fixed in this release!
  • Other port specific bug fixes such as font scaling fixes on the Nintendo 3DS port.

As you can see, this update brings about some much needed bug fixes that will surely make your game experience somewhat better. This is a highly recommended update for PSVita users since the audio fix can make big differences in the game experience!


To get mGBA 0.6.2, simply follow the link below and download the file for your specific device. It’s currently not available on VitaDB for the PSVita but it should be available soon enough!

Full Changelog:

Download Link:

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