Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 6.0.1

Nintendo has started rolling out firmware 6.0.1 for the Nintendo Switch Console.

This seems to be a minor patch that fixes critical bugs on the console, and should be ok to update for hack users, but as always, it is better to wait for some broad confirmation from hackers before you change anything to your config. From the official changelog:

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:
Resolved an issue where internet connection test does not display correct results for download and upload speed
Resolved an issue where some licensed controllers’ motion controls such as tilt function respond incorrectly

The switchbrew wiki adds:

Besides System Version Title, the following titles were updated:


Nothing changed in the content of the updated titles’ RomFS besides System Version Title. Nothing changed sysmodule-side with IPC. No actual changes in NPDMs.

(In other words, the change looks pretty minor, homebrew and hack wise)

How does Firmware 6.0.1 impact Switch hacks?

In April this year, hacker ktemkin released the Fusee Gelee exploit, which broke the Nintendo Switch open at the hardware level. Firmware updates from Nintendo cannot prevent tinkerers from leveraging the hack. Nintendo started distributing a hardware revision of the Nintendo Switch (Mariko) which patches the exploits. In other words, your device is either hackable or it’s not, and this firmware update will not change that.

Source: ylws8bot

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