[PS3] PS3 Proxy Server Released: A Proxy Tool To Return Online To HAN

[PS3] PS3 Proxy Server Released: A Proxy Tool To Return Online To HAN

The new firmware update 4.83 blocked the online access to HAN for PS3 owners with a lower firmware. With PS3 Proxy Server the “music” changes and returns online again. The tool in question is not a spoof but via proxy allows you to modify / bypass the address with the txt file “ps3-updatelist.txt” by tricking the system. We remind you that the use of the tool is at your own risk. The possibility of ban is always around the corner

How it is presented

It is presented as a simple application in msi format and fields to be filled in with the IP address and port. The IP address is available via cmd thanks to the ipconfig command (where the IPv4 address is displayed) while the port is 8080.Also the IP found must be set manually on PS3 via Settings> Network Settings> Internet connection settings (advanced settings) in the Proxy server entry. After configuring the IP on the tool and on PS3, select on PS3.ProxyServer.GUI the ” PS3 MODE ” option and finally press Start. I recommend from this point to watch the video below at 6:16 for the file txt to insert via “Replace files”

Where can I download it

It is available at this link requires .net framework 1.1

Video Tutorial by Nanospeedgamer (in Spanish)


The tool is quite useful but at the same time dangerous . It is advisable to use it with caution. We do not know if it is durable over time !!!

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