PS4 4.05 GTA V Mod Menu V1 Payload –

Following his GTA V PS4 4.05 Menu Test 1 and the recent PS4 4.05 GTA 5 Mod Guide, today PlayStation 4 developer @AlFaMoDz shared on Twitter his PS4 4.05 GTA V Mod Menu v1 payload for offline Grand Theft Auto 5 game modders with details below! :ninjaxf2:

Download: AlFaMoDz-GTAV-4.05.bin (1.01 MB) / AlFaMoDz-GTAV-4.05.bin (Mirror)

From the video’s description, roughly translated: Open with Square + Left Arrow, the menu opens with Square + Right Arrow


So to open, R2+[] or ←+[]

Also below is another GTA 5 ArabicGuy BETA PS4 4.05 demo video via RFOoD x MoDz on YouTube with a 4.05 PS4 payload, as follows:

Download: ArabicGuy.bin (534.49 KB)

Open menu: L1 + R1 

Thanks to 2much4u for PS4 Native Caller

Zombie Mission PS4 4 05

Mod Dog Attacker PS4 4.05

Thanks to @LarryK@Reazer and @TheOneAngel for the news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :lovewins:

PS4 4.05 GTA V Mod Menu V1 Payload by AlFaMoDz is Released.jpg

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