PS4 Firmware 4.74 is out, “improves system performance”

While gamers are eagerly waiting for PS4 firmware 5.00 which is coming soon, Sony sneakily released firmware 4.74 yesterday. As always, the official changelog is totally useful:

This system software update improves system performance.

As is often the case with such updates on the console, people have been amazed at how much more stable and improved their system performance has become overnight.

Crickets chirping in the background.

The only guess so far might be that Firmware 4.74 fixes some issues with Destiny 2, although Destiny2 users tend to disagree: the majority of bugs are still here after the update, it seems.

There’s no word from hackers that this update patches any private exploit or vulnerability. We however recommend to stay on as low a firmware as you possibly can if you ever hope to get hacks on your PS4. As far as I’m concerned, I bought a second PS4 for games, while my original phat is staying put on 4.01.

Source: via PS4FWBot

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