PSP: Under the hood of 6.61 Infinity

Infinity was the latest (and probably the last) full fledged exploit released for the PSP. Released by Davee in 2016, more than a year ago, Infinity allowed a permanent custom firmware to be installed on all PSP, even those that did not support custom IPLs.

This week, Davee wrote a lengthy explanation on how Infinity works (link to the article below).

Infinity in itself was not a custom firmware, but a permanent hybrid firmware that allows, among other things, to boot into a Custom Firmware, or launch a recovery menu. Sadly, as Davee points out, an actual recovery mechanism for Infinity was never created, and it is likely that today most people still use Pro CFW “as is”.

Davee’s writeup about the exploit is a trip down memory lane, but more importantly shows once again the mad skills of the hacker, as well as the clever reuse of older concepts dating back to the early days of PSP hacking.

In the developer’s article, you’ll learn a bit about PSP’s hacking history, the giraffe bug he used to exploit the PSP OS (and why size checks are important), as well as the hybrid firmware concept used for Infinity.

You can read it here.

Source: Davee

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