[PSVITA] OneMenu For Vita V3.09

The Onelua team has released a new update of OneMenu for Vita in version 3.09 .Onemenu is an all-in-one multi-manager for PSVITA that allows you to have a menu similar to the coverflow present in many backup managers on the PS3 console, able to start Vpk, install custom themes Onemenu and LiveArea, transfer files from FTP or USB, available memory space in real time, file manager for file management in ux0, ur0 and uma0, advanced menu to update the database and reload the config.txt file of taiHEN etc. Other features are available in the changelog entry of this article


Download and Install the vpk file via Vitashell

Advanced Guide

After installing Onemenu you will find this screen

With the Triangle button on an application we find


With the Start key we find the default applications of the LiveArea

With the Select key we find the file manager instead

With the keys L and R we can change the path of the file manager from uro to uxo or vice versa. While with the Startbutton we enter the advanced settings where we find:

FTP : to connect the PSVITA via Ftp to the computer via Wi-Fi connection

USB : to connect the PSVITA with the USB cable directly to the PC

Restart 1Menu : to restart the 1Menu program

Reset : where you can reset the initial Onemenu settings

Switch off : where you can turn off our PSVITA console

Advanced : advanced settings to install themes Onemenu, Livearea, Update the database, Reload the Config.txt file etc.

Advanced Menu


In the advanced menu we find:

Update app.db: to update the database

Rebuild the app.db: to rebuild the database

Reloading File TaiHEN Config: option  to reload the Config.txt file useful if you have modified this file without restarting the PSVITA

Scan content (VPS / ISO / CSO /): scan the files in the PSVITA memory in ISO, CSO and VPK format

OneMenu themes: to install themes for the OneMenu manager

Custom themes for LiveArea: to install custom themes for LiveArea

Favorites section: allows you to view your favorites and activate the option to view only the favorites after the Onemenu restart

<PGF Font>: Change the Onemenu font

How to install OneMENU themes

It’s very simple: enter your theme (with the folder) in the path ux0: data / onemenu / themes and press X to install. Example :

If the installed theme is not to your liking, you can restore the old theme with the Start button

Create a theme for OneMenu

Create a new folder with the theme name and place the files inside:

font.ttf  Font ttf for your theme (optional).

back.png  Background image for your icons (960 * 544).

icodef.png The  default icon to flash instead of the app / game0 icon when the original icon0 can not be loaded (100 * 100).

buttons1.png  Image sprites (160 * 20).

  1. position 0 Cross button
  2. position 1 Triangle button
  3. position 2 Square button
  4. position 3 Circle button
  5. position 4 Icon of the plugin for games with plugins enabled for its GAMEID in config.txt
  6. position 5 Clon icons for the cloned bubbles psp.
  7. position 6 For the battery in use.
  8. position 7 For recharging the battery.

buttons2.png  Image sprites (120 * 20)

wifi.png  Image sprites (132 * 22)

cover.png  Image for songs cover in Music section (369 × 369)

music.png  Picture for the Music section (960 * 544)

ftp.png  Background image for FTP port message (960 * 544)

list.png  Image for search results of ExplorerFiles and vpk / iso / cso found on memory card (960 * 544)

menu.png  Image to check the options submenu (167 * 443)

themesmanager.png  Background image for the ONEMenu themes section (960 * 544)

preview.png  Image preview for ONEMenu theme (391 * 219)

icons.png  Sprites (112 × 16) must follow the following order:

  1. position 0 Icon to close for general files
  2. position 1 Icon to flash for folders
  3. position 2 Icon for: pbp, prx, bin, suprx, skprx
  4. position 3 Icon to close: png, gif, jpg, bmp
  5. position 4 Icon for: mp3 files, s3m, wav, at3, ogg
  6. position 5 Icon to close: vpk, rar, zip file
  7. position 6 Icon to close for: iso, cso, dax file


PSVita.png  PSVita / Hbs Games (250 * 66).

PSM.png  PSM Games (250 * 66).

PSP.png  PSP / Hbs games (250 * 66).

PS1.png  PS1 Games (250 * 66).

adrbb.png  Games in adrenaline bubbles format (250 * 66).



  • The bars showing the partitions have been removed, and new options have been added: addcont 
    patch to 
    disconnect and reconnect 
    the folders are shown only for Vita games.
  • Additionally, adding Shrink Game option, reduce the addcont / readdcont folders of the selected game.
  • When a PSVita game is uninstalled, you will be asked if the Readdcont / GAMEID folder should be removed.


  • Bug fix


  • Updated kernel and user modules taken from vitashell.
  • Added a correction for the USB connection and udcd_uvc.skprx. 100% thanks to TheOfficialFloW and Xerpi.
  • Re-ADDED “Install CustomThemes” from Livearea. (File Explorer)


  • Corrected downloads via QR SCAN, added possibility to download from servers: Mediafire, Zippyshare, Gdrive.
  • Completely renewed the translation method, all translations must be updated according to the new english_us.txt file.
  • Fixed STITLE error (maximum length 52) when editing bubbles.
  • A few small bugs fixed.


  • Added support for detecting a game cartridge.
  • Added the option to open the ux0: app / (gameid), ux0: patch / (gameid) and ux0: repatch / (gameid) folder.


  • Added support to correctly detect the bubbles created with Adrenaline Bubble Booter v.06 and Adrenaline Bubbles Manager v5.06


  • Updated kernel and user modules taken from vitashell.
  • Added the option to open the ux0: app / (gameid) folder.
  • A few small bugs fixed.


  • Fixed an error with the sfo files containing STITLE_XX and TITLE_XX from the SFO on appmeta.
  • Added option to backup / restore backups to / from ux0: data / ONEMENU / saves during uninstall / installation of games.


  • Added the Edit Bubble option (by TheRadziu) that allows you to modify the STITLE and TITLE game from the SFO on appmeta (thanks to TheFloW for User / Kernel Modules).
  • Added list of orders by region.
  • Now you can set sort categories on Ascending / Descending.
  • Now the Move app option will only be enabled for homebrews.
  • Now the pvf font is shown in bold (presentation improvement).
  • I took care of some bugs.


  • Now the submenu in the main screen has 2 pages (press triangle to open the alternative pages with L and R), the same for the submenu in Explorer.
  • Added the option to download and install the ONEMenu themes in the submenu of the main screen.
  • Added the option “RECHARGE content” Allows you to install games (NONPDRM) in ux0: app (Thanks to the Nonpdrm plugin by TheFloW).
  • Added “Rip Game” option to the submenu of the main screen, allows you to free space by deleting some folders / game files.
  • Optimized the code.


  • Changing the param.sfo (decrypted).
  • Fixed automatic network update (Added TLS support v1.2).
  • Updated to the latest version of ONElua.


  • [NEW] Added QR Downloader.
  • [NEW] Horizontal and vertical touchscreen support
  • [FIX] The stars only rain on 2512.


  • Enabled scrolling up / down to change the category.
  • Small internal changes to the Text Editor, to add or delete lines: 
    hold down triangle and right to add a line or left to delete a line.
  • Fixed text file error with text adjustment scroll.
  • Now the PIC1 of the selected game / app is shown if no buttons are pressed.


  • Now you can edit .txt files in an easy way.
  • Text editor controls: Left: Remove row, Right: Add row.
  • Added sound effects for ui transitions.
  • System apps are shown in alphabetical order.
  • Scan to Favorites option added to the app menu (direct access to the same option to advanced settings).
  • You can play the selected game with a double tap.
  • Please update your translations … New lines have been added.


Fixed some bugs


  • Icons and list of games: the loading time is reduced each time Onemenu is started.
  • New “Favorites” category.
  • “Favorites” section in the advanced submenu.
  • PS Vita games categories / homebrews were divided into “PSVita” and “Homebrews Vita”.
  • PSP and PSX content unified in a single category: “Retro Games”.
  • Lines added to english_ux.txt … Do not forget to update your translations.
  • Now your avatar icon is downloaded to ux0: data / on your computer so it can be uploaded offline.
  • The PSP.PNG and PS1.PNG images have been deleted and the RETRO.PNG image has been added for PS Retro games (for PSP and PS1 games).
  • Added HBVITA.PNG image for PSVita Homebrews categories.
  • Two lines have been added to the ini theme file: COUNTCOLOR to print the number of folders / files in the explorer.CBACKSBARCOLOR file to draw the bars in the callbacks section.


  • [FIX] Incorrect display of LiveArea app names.
  • [FIX] PS Button lock when using FTP and USB mode.
  • [FIX] Some errors in the internal code.
  • [FIX] Standard month / day / year format.
  • [NEW] Support to change the font (PGF <-> PVF) in the advanced options.
  • 3 shortcuts added:
  • L + R + Up: restart ONEMenu.
  • L + R + Down: restart PSvita.
  • L + R + Square: Turn off the PSvita.

Preview New version



ONEMenu for Life 3.09

Onemenu themes at this link in the Themes ONEMenu folder




We thank Team Onelua who works every day for the PSVITA console and a big thank you to  gdljjrod . Italian translation edited by our developer theheroGAC and the staff of gamesandconsoles

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