PSVTools released – Easily manipulate PSV files with Phyton!

Earlier this month, developer ‘motoharu’, the guy that did SD2Vita software patches, released Virtual Game Card which is a tool that lets you properly dump your Vita games. The files produced have, a somewhat fitting, “.psv” file extension and can be likened to ISO files of a CD/DVD as they’re NOT compressed out of the box. Thanks to some scene developers, the “.psv” format is becoming much better.


What’s PSVTools?

PSVTools is a python utility that combines three important PSV file utilities. These 3 utilities are:

  • PSVTrim, a utility to trim PSV files which doesn’t seem to share code with PSVTrimmer so that means that it could be used as an alternative. PSVTrimmer requires .NET framework so it can only run reliably on Windows while PSVTrim can run on Linux/MacOS or any other system that has a port of python 2.7/3.4+
  • PSVExpand, a utility to expand trimmed PSV files to their original size.
  • PSVerify, a utility that validates checksums of PSV files.

Virtual Game Card – A dumper/mounter for Vita card dumps in PSV format

These 3 tools are quite important if you wish to have proper 1:1 backups of your games. This is a good idea since no data is altered in the process which means that the dumps could be used reliably thus totally negating the need of needing to carry about your Vita game carts. With SD2Vita, it’s not recommended you take it out of the slot too much so the PSV file format is probably the best way to go when archiving your game so you could install it at a later date whenever you wish.



If you use Linux/MacOS and want to dump your game carts, this is the best tool there’s available for these platforms. Obviously, you need Python 2.7 or 3.4+ for this to work so make sure it’s installed. Installation instructions and the source code can be checked out by following the link below. If you have any issues, report them to ‘kageurufu’ on GitHub.

Installation instructions + initial release notes:

Reddit link:

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