[SWITCH] Hekate Released – CTCaer Mod V4.5

The developer CTCaer has released a new update of the modified version of hekate – CTCaer mod in version 4.5 with full support for firmware 6.2.0.Hekate is an implementation of the HBL (homebrew Launcher) that allows you to download the USER partition or the entire eMMC RAW in addition to automatically starting partial dumping (even on SD cards formatted exFAT), depending on the available space. It supports both FAT32 and exFAT.

Folders and Bootloader files

Folder / file Description
boot loader Main folder.
| __ bootlogo.bmp It is used when customization is active and no logopath was found. It can be skipped.
| __ hekate_ipl.ini Main configuration of the bootloader and startup entries.
| __ update.bin If more recent, it is loaded on startup. For modchips. It can be skipped.
bootloader / ini / For individuals. ‘More configurations …’. Autoboot is supported.
bootloader / sys / For system modules.
| __ libsys_lp0.bso LP0 (sleep mode) module. Important!
bootloader / payloads / For useful loads. Menu ‘Payloads’. Autoboot supported only by including them in an ini. All bootloaders, tools, and Linux payloads from CFW are supported.
bootloader / libtools / Future reserved

Configuring the bootloader

The bootloader can be configured via ‘bootloader / hekate_ipl.ini’ (if present on the SD card). Each ini section represents a boot entry, except for the special ‘config’ section that controls the global configuration.

There are four possible types of entries. ”  []  “: Boot entry, ”  {}  “: Caption, ”  #  “: Comment, ”  newline  “: .ini newline cosmetic.

Keys / configuration values ​​when the boot entry is  config :

Configuration option Description
autoboot = 0 0: Disable, #: number of the boot entry to start automatically.
bootwait = 3 0: Disable (also disables bootlogo.Wave  VOL-  pressed since the injection goes to the menu.), #: Wait time for  VOL-  to access the menu.
customlogo = 0 0: use default hekate bootlogo, 1: use bootlogo.bmp.
verification = 2 0: Disable backup / restore verification, 1: Sparse (block based, fast and not 100% reliable), 2: complete (based on sha256, slow and 100% reliable).
autohosoff = 1 0: Disable, 1: If you wake up from HOS via an RTC alarm, show the logo, then turn off completely, 2: No logo, turn off immediately.
backlighting = 100 Screen backlight level. 0-255.

Possible combinations of boot entry keys / values:

Configuration option Description
logopath = {SD path} If global customlogo is 1 and empty logopath, bootlogo.bmp will be used. If logopath exists, it will load the specified bitmap.
warmboot = {SD path} Replaces the warmboot binary file
secmon = {SD path} Replaces the safety monitor track
kernel = {SD path} Replaces the kernel binary file
kip1 = {SD path} Replaces / adds the initial kernel process. More can be set.
kip1 = {SD folder} / * Upload each .kip / .kip1 to a folder. Compatible with single Kip1 keys.
kip1patch = patch name Enable a kip1 patch. Specify with multiple lines and / or as CSV. The patches implemented now are nosigchk, nogc
fullsvcperm = 1 Disable SVC verification (complete authorization for services)
DebugMode = 1 Enable debug mode
1 atmosphere = Enable the application of Atmosphère
payload = {SD path} Launch of the payload. Tools, Linux, CFW bootloader, etc.



This release supports the launch of all current OS / CS CFWs, Linux chainloading and payload tools. 
No more SD card removals

Latest OFW supported:  6.2.0

News in this version

  • Full support for 6.2.0  . Many  thanks to  @nwert  and  @ balika011  for their help! 
    –  Supports Secure Monitor and new Exosphere
    –  Supports booting 6.2.0 with less than 8 fuses
    –  It has a  100%successful relationship
    -Added support for the tools “Print TSEC keys” and “Dump pkg1 / 2”
  • Fixed the problem with YouTube HDCP  . Thank  @hexkyz  for having  devoted  some time to investigate.
  • Each file lister now ignores hidden files and .dot files. Thanks  @StevenMattera
  • The Minerva Training Cell library for hekate has been updated to the latest version (v1.1)
  • Added the “silent option to the HOS auto-off option. Now you can choose if you want the logo to be shown. Thanks  @Huntereb
  • Refactored the main.c to the simplest grouped sections. Furthermore, hos.c has taken some love.
  • Many many bugfixes

NOTE:  Everything related to hekate has been moved to the bootloader folder   .


Source and credits

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