[SWITCH] NXToolkit ++ V1.2 Released

If you are looking for an all-in-one toolkit for Nintendo Switch Horizon OS that allows you to dump your nand, activate RCM and other features, here is the developer LordApple, NXToolkit ++. NXToolkit ++ thanks to its simplicity, in just a few steps can dump the Nand directly from the Nintendo Switch console as well as offering options such as Reboot, Shutdown and AutoRCM console, a homebrew strongly inspired by ReiNXToolkit Reisyukaku



  • In this update, we include the following:  
    A consoleClear (); calls when you confirm to back up the nand (prodinfo, boot0, boot1 and rawnand.bin)  
    Remember, no toolkit ever created for Horizon backups (Switch’s OS) should be used as a backup of the nand! 


  • We at NX ++ team are happy to announce our new software called NXToolkit ++! 
    We are working to improve this software every week with a new update to add more features! 
    At the moment we have AutoRcm, Shutdown, Restart, Dump nand! 
    What we are working on: 
    Install NSP 
    Install Gamecart




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