[SWITCH] Switch Safety V0.0.1b Released: A New XCI And NSP Verification Tool

The developer TehCheez has released a new tool for Nintendo Switch called Switch Safety with the first beta version.This application checks the MD5 of a game saved in XCI or NSP format and compares them with a master document, showing you at the end of the verification if a file is safe or to be discarded. The application is in beta phase it is advisable to use it with caution.

Application details:

  • For Windows only
  • Recovers MD5 files and compares them with a verified master document hosted online
  • Search for files
  • Progress bar (some large files may take some time to scan)
  • It will download the text document to your PC from a reliable online host
  • The application will show a message box informing you if the file is secure





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