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Note from Wololo: TubeVita 1.02 was actually released more than a week ago. We usually try to mention these releases as soon as they come out, but sometimes real life gets in the way. That’s on me! Thanks to I_YFI for this article which brings deserved visibility to some cool homebrew.

TubeVita (Previously ReTube) has been released to the public for users to simply watch YouTube videos on their PlayStation Vita! The homebrew application is a rebirth of the most famous YouTube for your gaming console. The application has had a name change since the first concept release as well with some other upgrades, now it’s called TubeVita. With everyone happy with this application lets give TheHeroGAC a round of applause for developing such a useful entertainment tool!

TheHeroGAC explanation about this application: 

“Simple application to use YouTube on PSVITA, download the VPK file, install with vitashell. You do not need to register on YouTube to watch videos”


Changelog of VitaTube:


-Added application background

-Now the application is automatically updated with the new release with the help of Team ONElua

-Added Buttons:

Cross: YouTube

Square: PlayStation Channel

Triangle: Exit the application

-fix eboot.bin


-Added splash screen

-Added Some initial code for the next releases

-Ordered Code


-First Release


Instructions on how to install TubeVita:

  1. Download the .vpk file from the developer’s github here
  2. Using Vitashell, FTP or drag and drop over usb to your Vita
  3. Once the transfer is done, go to the file on your Vita and install the file
  4. Delete the .VPK afterwards (Optional)
  5. TubeVita should now be on your homescreen

Source: TheHeroGAC

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