VitaShell 1.97 released

TheFlow seems to be on a roll with VitaShell updates as he released his previous one, version 1.96, only 5 days ago. VitaShell 1.97 brings about support for shortcuts and raises the QR code scanner back from the dead among other things!

What is VitaShell?

VitaShell 1.97 brings the QR code scanner back after 1.96 temporary killed it. Now, you don’t have to write whole URLs with your Vita’s OSK if you want to download a file!

VitaShell, by TheFlow, is the go-to file manager for hacked PSVita/PSTV consoles. Other than just being a program to manage your files, it also has many features such as:

  • A built-in FTP server and the ability to turn your PSVita into a USB mass storage device (pen drive)
  • Theme support so that you can pimp up your file browsing experience
  • Image and music openers
  • A built-in QR code scanner for going to webpages and installing VPKs (can be used with VitaDB)
  • Ad-hoc file transfer with nearby Vitas
  • Many other features including an auto-updater and the ability to refresh LiveArea when you install games for use with NoNpDrm

What does VitaShell 1.97 bring along?

VitaShell 1.97 got us the following:

  • Support for sysmlinks (bookmarks/shortcuts) in LNK format. These can be useful if you regularly open folders nested inside other folders. These can be accessed by pressing left on the d-pad and SQAURE simultaneously.
  • Recent files are also a thing now and can be accessed by pressing left on the d-pad and TRIANGLE at the same time.
  • The QR code scanner is back and now, you can open it by pressing left on the d-pad and CIRCLE at the same time
  • A bug was fixed in the ad-hoc dialogue in which X was always the enter button

    Adding bookmarks is pretty easy and could save you a few seconds traversing through your filesystem!

To make a bookmark, the process is pretty simple and goes as follows:

  • Place the cursor (i.e highlighted item) on the thing (file/folder) you want to bookmark
  • Press TRIANGLE and select “New” then select “New bookmark”
  • You’ll get a dialogue box telling you that the bookmark has been added
  • Now, you may go to ux0:/VitaShell/bookmarks OR press “left+SQUARE” to access your bookmark(s)


To get VitaShell 1.97, simply open VitaShell when your PSVita/PSTV is connected to the internet and the auto-updater will prompt you to upgrade. You may also update it manually by following the link below. If you encounter any issues, report them to the ‘Issues’ tab of the GitHub link below.

VitaShell 1.97 GitHub page:

TheFlow’s Twitter (latest updates):

TheFlow’s Patreon (for donating a few bucks):

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