[PS3] LocalSTORE V1.0.2 Released, Adds HEN Support To 2.2.1

The developer xps3riments has released a new localSTORE update in version 1.0.2 that is compatible with HEN 2.2.1


  • Browse, Download games and install Rap files directly into your PS3 browser
  • Integrated Ps3netsrv
  • Insertion in the GAME menu, based on HEN 2.1.0 category_game.xml
  • IT / ES / FR



  • Download the version required for your operating system
  • Open the localSTORE executable
  • Wait for the first database download
  • Configure storage folders within the app
  • Build USB to fill the USB with the necessary files
  • Start the server if it has not already been started (power button)
  • Put the USB in the PS3
  • Enable IMPORTANT HEN  (we need the flash mounted as BLIND)
  • Go to “Package manager> Install package file> Standard”
  • Select the appropriate localSTORE-installer-XXX.pkg (HDD / USB used to install HEN 2.1.0)
  • Restart console


  • Go to the local XMB menu
  • Open localSTORE “Browser”, choose, hold (X) to start the download
  • Once completed, go to “localGAMES”
  • Select the game, click in the options (INSTALL / RAP / DELETE)
    • The order of installation is  IMPORTANT
      1. Enable HEN
      1. Install RAP on USB / HDD
      1. Install the game
      1. Open game
  • Enjoy yourselves


  •  Secondary update to make it work with HEN 2.2.1.
  • · The localSTORE menu has been moved to the main “GAME” menu