[SWITCH] Rekado Released V3.1.1

Rekado’s new update from developer MenosGrante with the new 3.1.1 version which adds support for Android Q and Hekate 5.0.1. Rebado is a Payload launcher written in Kotlin and based on NachLoader injector codebase. The application does not require Root on your device. The SX Loader payload is bundled as default. The main difference from NXLoader is the ability to quickly change the necessary payloads by pre-loading them. You can choose the payload once the USB cable is connected to the switch.


Launch the application Find a cable to connect your device to the Nintendo Switch. For proper work, this should be a cable designed for data transmission, not just for charging. We recommend using an A to C cable   and a USB OTGadapter   . In the “Payloads” category   , click the “+” button   to select the preloaded payload from your device’s memory. Or simply transfer your payload to the Rekado folder in the device memory. Or you can use the default payload (  SX OS  ) Insert your Nintendo Switch in RCM mode  in any convenient way. Your Nintendo Switch will turn on by itself once connected, be sure to hold  VOLUME + Connect the device to the Nintendo Switch and allow authorization for USB access  ,  if necessary. Wait until the program asks you to select the payload and choose the one you need Wait for the payload to complete on your console


Does the application require Root?

The application does not require Root on your device.

Can you touch my device / console?

This should not happen when using the “correct” payloads. But I am not responsible for possible problems.

Will ReKado ever run Linux?

In the near future, this is by no means to be expected. Maybe in the future.





  • Updated: Hekate to 5.0.1.


  • Added: Korean localization.
  • Updated: Turkish localization with important corrections.


  • Updated: Gradle Plugin to 3.4.2.


  • Added: support for Android Q.
  • Added: Character limit for the serial controller field.
  • Added: support for serial numbers in lowercase letters.
  • Updated: the payloads will be stored in the application folder (/ Android / data / com.pavelrekun.rekado / files).
  • Updated: Payloads now added with Storage Access Framework.


  • Updated: Hekate to 5.0.0.


  • Updated: Kotlin at 1.3.40.
  • Updated: Coroutine a 1.2.2.
  • Updated: OkHTTP to 4.0.0.
  • Updated: Gradle to 5.5.



  • Added: check the possibility of hacking the console by serial number.
  • Added: Ability to download payloads from the Internet via direct URL (thanks to  @ ELY3M  )


  • Design improvements
  • List of translators moved within the application in the toolbar menu.
  • The localization process has been moved to OneSky to easily manage it.


  • Update of Hekate to 4.10.1


  • Hekate update to 4.10.0



  • Update of Hekate to 4.9.1


  • Added new -Olive theme.


  • Added link to personal website.
  • Material dialogues updated to 2.7.0.

v2.6.1 Fix crash when starting the application v2.6


New “Theme Engine” with custom theme presets and 80 new colors Portuguese localization (Brazil) (thanks  @DavidOliM  ) Simplified Chinese localization (thanks  @carlchina  )


Improved: loading of the payloads at the first start (  n. 33  ) Improved: Hekate is now marked with the current version (and future versions of Hekate will also be marked) Fixed: localization errors in some languages


Updated: Gradle Android Plugin a 3.3.1 Updated: Gradle a 5.2 Updated: Kotlin at 1.3.21 Updated: Material Dialogs at 2.0.0 v2.5.2 Update of Hekate to 4.6 Added French localization (  n. 30  ) Fixed text references in layout files (  # 31  )


Hekate updated to 4.5 Updated Italian localization Added Portuguese localization


Added Hekate 4.2 as a third bundled payload Design renewed with Material Design 2.0 Removed AppUpdater due to various bugs and instability Added icons in Settings Added Ukrainian and Spanish language (thanks  @ javito1081  ) Fixed error with dark status bar icons in Night modes

Don’t worry about AppUpdater. I’m going to release Rekado in F-Droid market for open-source applications.


Added Indonesian language (thanks wendyliga) Kotlin updated to 1.3 Gradle updated from 3.2.1 to 4.10.2


Update of the ReiNX payload to 1.7 Fixed crash when opening the Payloads category


Added ability to hide bundled payloads Added automatic update for registers, when changing screen Font size updated for headers Theme engine updated with new colors Additional selector status in Settings fixed when changing color Fixed crash in Settings Removed support for loading Lakka (only starting from Hekate was officially supported) Fixed UI bug  n. 16  (related to BottomNavigationView) Migration on Android Jetpack with materials


ReiNX official payload bundled French language addition Italian language addition Kotlin and Coroutine update to the latest versions


Improved support for Android Pie (9.0) Added small FAQ for coreboot file Fixed bug with null update date of coreboot file name Fixed crash in Settings, when storage authorization was not granted (another)


Added the ability to upload your own “coreboot” files and update them later Added the ability to support application development (donation) Fixed bug with description of “light” activity in dark theme Fixed crash in Settings, when it is not filing permission was granted


Added support for Light and Dark themes (AMOLED) Added support for changing accent color


Added Lakka loader Updated icon with support for the adaptable icon Fixed bug that prevented browsing the folder hierarchy when selecting payloads Fixed various bugs with “Auto-injector Fixed memory loss during” phone-switch connection “


Added auto update to check application updates (  # 4  ) Added the ability to select payloads from external memory (  # 5  ) Improved payload selector dialog box design


Added the ability to remove all payloads added by Settings Added “Auto injector” option to inject payload without need to select paylaod in Settings Added method to completely clean the registers