[SWITCH] Ultrasphere Reloaded V0.9.2.0 Released

The developer gaavin from a fork of Kosmos has released Ultrasphere Reloaded in version Compared to the original version of Team AtlasNX, this new Kosmos codename “Kosmos 2” based on Atmosphere 0.9.2, SX OS 2.8 and hekate 5.0. 1 has additional features and always updated packages including the required coupons for Atmosphere + Hekate


  • Vanilla atmosphere
  • All required sigpatches for Atmosphere + Hekate.
  • SX OS
  • Updated packages
  • Start-up and immediate start-up screens
  • FTP server in the background
  • Drag and drop
  • A very nice bootlogo of Team Xecuter and GaryOPA
  • Blawar’s last and best homebrew
  • Always start payload.bin from the root of sd, also reboot-to-payload!
  • and more!

How to install it

1.) Back up your sdcard (Nintendo folder) if you are setting emunand.

2.) Copy the files to sdcard, start payload.bin from the SD root.

3.) Configure emunand on a hidden partition in SX OS (hold vol + after selecting SX OS in hekate), copy the files again to sd later.

4.) Start in emunand via hekate and install incognito (SX OS or Atmosphere works for this) to avoid bans