Goldleaf 0.6 released


As if yesterday’s emuiibo update was not enough, @XorTroll has also released a new version of his popular Nintendo Switch multi-tool and title installer! Goldleaf 0.6’s biggest feature highlight is, without any doubt, a complete refactor of its USB install functionality: the old and limited one has been replaced with a fully-featured PC file browser. Instead of just sending a single NSP file over USB to your console, you will now be able to see a list of all the storage devices found on the computer running Goldtree – both internal (HDDs, SSDs, etc.) and external (microSDs, USB drives, …). From there, you will be able to browse anywhere you like and choose whichever files you want to install!

Speaking of browsing, the file manager has also received two noteworthy quality of life improvements: you can now set a folder’s archive bit easily (useful if your console’s microSD has been formatted as FAT32 to make the Switch’s OS treat its contents as a single file) as well as bulk install all NSPs found in a directory. Both options work globally so, yes, thanks to the previously mentioned PC browsing feature, bulk USB installs are now available!

Last, but not least, amiibo dumping is here too. It uses the same format introduced with emuiibo 0.3, making it a breeze to “virtualize” your real figures to use them in games without having to carry them around!

There have also been other smaller changes, like slightly faster NSP install times, skipping a title’s required FW by default unless specifically changed in the config, automatically disabling sleep mode to prevent accidental interruptions and a built-in updater. If you want to know everything included in 0.6, you can read the changelog below:

EDITA bug has been found which affects USB NSP installs with a file size of 4 GB or higher. @XorTroll will work on a fix in 0.6.1 but he’s unable to work on it now. As such, users with FAT32 cards are advised to keep using the old version until the fix is released.

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