[EmuMMC setup Win/Linux]&[Quadboot]

Ensure you have a pre-cfw CLEAN NAND backup if you want to use sysnand for online

File based EmuMMC is working but if you use FAT32 it is very limited and heavily bottlenecked, if you decide to use exFAT then it is very unstable and can corrupt your SD card easily; as of now use partition based as file based is very slow/unstable!!

Rewriting guide with NYX in mind alongside quad boot files for that.

Pre-Setup [Win/Linux]

Warning: Spoilers inside! 

Setting up EmuMMC[Linux]

Warning: Spoilers inside! 

Setting up EmuMMC[Windows10]

Warning: Spoilers inside! 

Dual/Triple/Quad boot[L4T Ubuntu/Lakka, Stock-Sys, EmuNand]

Warning: Spoilers inside! 


  • No I won’t sit you through this, the process is already laid out there.
  • If you decide to use exFAT I won’t really help.
  • You can do the partitioning and file merging on windows but I don’t know any tool to write the image to a specific partition.
  • There is NO such thing as *Cleaning* your NAND, if you don’t have a clean backup then bad luck, you can maybe get away with clearing logs if you haven’t been online for a long time but even then I wouldn’t suggest it; should’ve made a clean NAND backup, I won’t guide you through any of that.


DISCLAIMER: I am not resposible for you killing your switch, bricking it from the failure to make a NAND backup; I am in no way obliged to provide you personal support nor am I obliged to do anything else; I’m not resposible for you messing up your SD Card either.

Windows guide: