How To Change Your PSVITA From Firmware 3.60 To 3.70

For firmware 3.60


A PSVITA with firmware 3.60

Phase 1

From PSVITA broswer visit the following link and press the Install button

Warning: in the event of an error on the browser, delete cookies, history, etc. – visit the link and press install

For firmware 3.65,3.67 and 3.68

Follow our guide here

For firmware 3.69 / 3.70




  • Installing the QCMA (I remind you to uninstall the original Content Manager on the PC before installing this tool)

  • During the installation it will ask you to install the drivers. You accept and go Next

  • Well the QCMA is now installed. Press the “FINISH” button



  • Assuming you already have the PSP game on PSVITA, and from content management the game has been transferred to PC, we open the QCMA and connect our PSVITA via USB cable to the PC

Attention make a backup of the game before proceeding (copy and paste the PGAME folder on the desktop)

    • Open the program by clicking on

  • Press confirm and wait for the operation to finish

Final phase

  • Update the database in QCMA settings.
  • Transfer the APE QUEST game (or your PSP game) from PC to PSVITA with the QCMA
  • Start the game and wait for PSVITA to restart
  • Launch the Trinity bubble on PSVITA
  • Press Install H-encore

Downgrade from any firmware

A guide is available here