native resolution PSP emulation on the PSVita

If one looks at the PSVita and its hacking scene, numerous parallels can be drawn with its predecessor the PSP. As a result, saying that the PSVita is a “PSP On Steroids” is pretty close to the truth since you can even play PSP games on it with some added enhancements like dual analoge stick support and native resolution in its GTA games. However, all other games still run at 480×272 (the PSP’s native resolution) rather than 960×544 (the Vita’s native resolution) but a recently posted bounty may just change that!

A look at the bounty for native resolution in PSP games on the PSVita

The vast majority of PSP games can be rendered at higher resolutions very well and would look awesome on the PSVita! (Image Source)

6 days ago, on the 1st of August, Reddit User “EpicEpsilon1033” started a bounty on BountySource titled “Native Resolution for PSP games on PSVITA” as part of Rinnegatamante’s recently launched VitaNuova, a community focusing on promoting bounties for the PSVita. This bounty, which has currently raised $75, revolves around the creation of a PPSSPP port/renderer for the PlayStation Vita which makes use of the PSP CPU (MIPS) found inside it for processor-based calculations while using the PSVita’s GPU to execute graphics-related calls.

While this may sound like a bit of a pipe dream, scene veteran Coldbird confirmed on Reddit that it is indeed possible for such software to be created. He suggested that it could be done by letting the MIPS processor found inside the Vita execute all PSP MIPS instructions and then tunnel the GE render chain into VitaOS through Kermit (the Vita’s main SoC), usage of which is adequately documented online. Furthermore, a trusted PSVita scene member/developer revealed that some developers are interested in taking on the bounty especially if the amount of money increases drastically as this project requires a tremendous amount of work.


What will this bounty achieve for the regular end-user?

Native resolution PSP games on PSVita Bounty launched!

The PSVita is already great at being an enhanced PSP but if this bounty comes to fruition, it will probably become the best way to enjoy PSP games on the go!

Other than being a feat and a hacking marvel, this bounty has long-reaching benefits for regular PSVita users including:

  • The ability to render the vast majority of games at the PSVita’s native resolution with a good framerate
    • This will make them look much better and closer to how many PS2 and even early PS3 games look like
  • Better texture filtering in PSP games to make them look even better among other improvements
    • The ePSP software that comes with the PSVita can already do Bilinear Filtering
  • Potentially the ability to make use of some post-processing shaders when playing PSP games to make them look nicer
    • Some shaders can already be used with Adrenaline


Without a doubt, this bounty will interest the vast majority of hacked PSVita users as numerous folks, myself included, use their Vita mainly as a PSP since the PSP has a much better game library than the Vita. If you wish to contribute some money to the bounty in order to really turn the PSVita into a ‘PSP On Steroids’, check out the link below and make sure to read BountySource’s FAQ before shelling out any money!

Finally, you might also be interested in reading about a bounty for getting GPU Acceleration on RetroArch for the PSVita and recent progress done on it by Frangar by viewing this article. That bounty raised $1205 to date with a total of 38 backers!

Native Resolution for PSP games on PSVITA Bounty:

BountySource’s FAQ:

Disclaimer: Neither I or are affiliated with the bounty or BountySource. As a result, we bear no responsibility as to what happens to the bounty’s money. This article is simply here to bring attention to another exciting prospect.