[SWITCH] Emuiibo V0.3.1 Released With Firmware Support 9.0.0

Developer XorTroll has released a new emuiibo update with the new version 0.3.1. Emuiibo is a fork of switch-nfp-mitm, a customized MitM’ing nfp: user service for amiibo emulation with bin dumps on the Nintendo Switch console.

Downloading amiibo downloads from the internet is illegal and is not supported by us.


Download the latest version and insert it in titlesyour CFW folder  (so it would be like  <cfw>/titles/0100000000000352).

According to the tests, it should work on any CFW that allows NSP sysmodules (Atmosphere, ReiNX).

You must also set the boot2 flag, whose position depends on the CFW:

  • Atmosphere: create a file called  boot2.flaginside the folder  titles/0100000000000352/flags.
  • ReiNX: create a file called  boot2.flaginside the folder  titles/0100000000000352.


All input combos are performed with R-Stick by pressing and pressing the D-pad in a specific direction (at the same time). The combos must (should) be made before or after the game starts searching for amiibos.

  • Activate / deactivate the amiibo emulation  : press R-Stick (as if it were a button) and also press the D-pad. Activate / deactivate the emulation.
  • Activate the amiibo emulation once  : as above, but by pressing the D key on the right. Activate / deactivate the emulation once, after emulating an amiibo, it will automatically deactivate.
  • Remove the amiibo emulation  : as above, but by pressing the D key downwards. Disable amiibo emulation and should be used as a way to make sure it is disabled, in case you do not know if it is activated or not.
  • Swap amiibo  : as above, but pressing the D-pad to the left. Switch to the next amiibo in the amiibo directory, if the last one restarts with the first one. It has effect only if the amiibo emulation is activated.

Emuiibo’s amiibo directory is  sd:/emuiibo. Put your amiibo dumps (they must be  *.binfiles) there.

Amiibo emulation

Emuiibo receives amiibo data, but the log information (amiibo name, writing dates, mii) is automatically generated, as it is not present in the amiibo dumps:

  • The name will be the file name (  Amiibo.bin->  Amiibo), but if the name is larger than 10 characters it will be hard-coded  Emuiibo.
  • The writing date is hard-coded as of June 15, 2019.
  • The mii (owner) of amiibo is coded for the first mii found in the console database.

DUMP of amiibo

Dumps consist of  *.binfiles, which must be 540 bytes (maybe even more?). They can be downloaded with different tools.