Atmosphere Updater V0.5.0 Released

If you are tired of updating the various payloads and atmosphere via PC, the ITotalJustice developer has released a new homebrew for Nintendo Switch called Atmosphere Updater


  • Update Atmosphere from the latest version on github.
  • Update hekate from the latest version on github.
  • Update this app from within the app itself!
  • Restart the payload, for easy access, restart the switch after updating a cfw.


Download the latest version from  here  .

Move the downloaded .nro on your nintendo switch to the sd card inside the / switch / atmosphere-updater folder  .

That’s all!


The app currently has 5 main options.

Complete Atmosphere update:

  • Download the latest version of Atmosphere and install everything from that version.

Update atmosphere, not overwriting .ini files:

  • Download the latest version of Atmosphere and install everything from that version ignoring the .ini files.
  • This option will still install all the missing .ini files, ensuring that the update works correctly.

Update Hekate:

  • Install the latest version of Hekate.
  • Option to also install latest Atmosphere, when selecting update Hekate.
  • If the option to update Hekate + Atmosphere is selected, the new fusee-primary.bin is copied to  /bootloader/payloads/fusee-primary.bin  .
  • Replaces  /atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin  with the new Hekate payload.
  • Copy the new Hekate payload into  /bootloader/update.bin  .

Update app:

  • Download the latest version of this app directly from Github!
  • Delete the previous version.

Restart (restart payload):

  • Restart the switch, loading the payload from  /atmosphere/  .
  • This is recommended after installing Atmosphere.
  • The Atmosphere / Hekate update automatically includes the   necessary reboot_payload.bin .



  • Added full touchscreen support.
  • Added a confirmation pop-up window when selecting an option (to avoid pressing / touching the wrong option).
  • Now view the sys / ams version (with git commit). Thanks to  @KranKRival  for the pr.
  • Fixed bug that overwrote the app when selecting the update app without Internet connection. Thanks to  @suppai  for reporting.
  • Clean code!


  • Option to overwrite atmospheric files during the hekate update.
  • Make Hekate’s update option clear for Hekate / kosmos users.
  • Copy the hekate payload as update.bin to “/ bootloader” so that the latest hekate version is always loaded with modchips / rcm injectors.
  • Copy fusee-primary.bin to “/ bootloader / payloads” after selecting Hekate + Atmosphere.
  • Load the switch font buttons from memory!
  • Very clean code, added some comments.
  • Clean the appearance of error messages (you should never see them!).

What’s next?

  • Finally working on the touchscreen support (sorry for the delay).