PSCX-R Released: The First PSX Emulator For PS4

Znullptr author of several PS4 emulators like Yabause, Mgba and Reicast has released the second beta version of PSCX-R for PS4 jailbroken 5.05. Based on PSCX-Reloaded, this emulator will allow you to start PS1 games on PS4. At the moment the developer has decided to abandon the project soon the source code will be available on Github. We report some problems on some games and the rescues are not working together with some bugs in playability. We thank the French developer Markus95 for the FPKG. To conclude, once again, the PS4 scene has stopped at firmware 5.05 with no way out


  • Install fpkg PSX.pkg
  • Copy / paste your rom in .bin format into the USB stick and rename it as game.bin
  • Copy / paste via FTP to memcard.mcr in / pcsxr / … (optional because the saves don’t work)
  • Start PSCX-R from the PS4 menu
  • Have a good time

Warning: PSCX-R is only able to execute only one ISO at a time, it will be necessary every time, to replace the ROM on the USB stick to change the game.