How to Remarry BlueRay Drive on CFW PS3 Step by Step

First of all you can’t launch homebrew,games,apps any kind of program all will give blackscreen even toggle QA Flag will give blackscreen so you can’t install lower firmware (noBD versions) if your console is not already QA flagged

What you need to do is :

  • 1-Install [UnOfficial NoBD-NoBT] REBUG_4.85.1_LITE which i made MD5 : B2D5ECFF3C587A4ED1BC6160492F7731
  • 2-After CFW boots install Rebug Toolbox by clicking on it from [Package Manager->Install Packages Files ->PS3 System Storage->REBUG-TOOLBOX-02.03.03.MULTI.16.pkg]
  • 3- Open Rebug Toolbox then go to Selector Column the 2nd one ,scroll down until you see Toggle XMB CFW Settings make sure that is Enabled
  • 4-Navigate to Utilities (4th Column),scroll down until you see Dump eid root key it will be in : ( /dev_hdd0/game/RBGTLBOX2/USRDIR/eid_root_key)
  • 5-Install multiman if you don’t have it then do Select+Start combo to enter explorer mode then click on Root
  • 7-Click on “/dev_hdd0/game/RBGTLBOX2/USRDIR” if you find “eid_root_key” copy to /dev_usb000/ (most right USB Port) if you don’t find “eid_root_key” redo Step 4
  • 8-Have any BlueRay Drive attatched to motherboard
  • 9-Navigate to Network Category (the one Next to Game Category)
  • 10-There will be folder named *Custom Firmware Tools
  • 11-Toggle Factory Service Mode (Custom Firmware Tools->Service Tools->Advanced Service Tools->Toggle Factory Service Mode)
  • 12-PS3 will reboot with red square in bottom right saying Playstation3 Factory/Service Mode and background will be gray
Warrning : Don’t Install/Update a firmware while your in Factory Service Mode !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 13- Navigate to network category then *Custom Firmware Tools->Service Tools->Advanced Service Tools->Remarry Blueray Drive click on that blue icon the procedure will be in background but you get notification in top right saying :
CEX_drive_init() succeeded if blueray is remarried
CEX_drive_init() failed if blueray failed to remarry
  • 14-Insert BD Movie and play it to restore DRL/CRL files or you can use multiMan later “Repair Blueray Movies “Fix DRL/CRL hashes” function
  • 15-After it remarry succeeded click on the red icon Toggle Factory Service Mode to Exit FSM this time
  • 16-PS3 will reboot to normal no red box,colored background again
  • 17-You can now install any cfw ,as noBD patches revokes some of cobra features like PS2/PSP…etc
  • 18-After you install Rebug 4.85 Lite,Ferrox 4.85 or Spy 4.85 (those are the latest one availble for public)
  • 19-Test any ps3 game disc you have
  • 20-Install your homebrews and have fan your PS3 will launch any homebrew no blackscreen the new remarried BlueRay will be like your original blueray


Remarry BD Steps Images :

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png 10.png 11.png 13.png 14.png 15.png 16.png 17.png 18.png 19.png 20.png 21.png 22.png 23.png 24.png 25.png 26.png 27.png 28.png 29.png 30.png