[3DS] BootNTR Selector V 2.13.1 Released Which Adds 11.12 Compatibility

The developer Nanquitas has released a new update of BootNTR Selector in version 2.13.1.BootNTR Selector is a small mod that allows you to select the version of NTR you want to load. You have the choice between version 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5,3.6 and 3.6.1. This new version adds support for the firmware version 11.12


– A version selector
– Firm 11.12 compatible
– It should be a little faster than the original to load the CFW.
– Automatic update
– Check if NTR is already running before loading another to avoid a system crash
– Extended memory support in Old3DS mode using the Mode3 version

How to use / install it?

Simply install the CIA, launch the BootNTR APP and follow the instructions on the screen, no extra files are required

For users with the old 3DS: launching the application before homemenu has been fully loaded can cause a crash / error.
So, before launching, wait a couple of seconds for the homemenu to be fully loaded.
Moreover, when the upgrade of the Mode 3 / normal version is available it will be necessary to update as soon as possible to avoid problems.


V 2.13.1

  • Added support 11.12.
  • Added Luma3DS v10.0.1 support.
  • NTR updated from v3.6 to v3.6.1.

NTR change log v3.6.1

  • Little improvement in the N3DS streaming code. (Uses Luma3DS PA -> VA memory mapping instead of DMA)

Meaning of the file name

Below you will find several files according to your needs. Here is a small explanation for each term:

3dsx / cia

The 3dsx file   can be started by the homebrew launcher while the cia files can be installed in the main menu. (There is only one variation of the 3dsx file.)


Files having the Mode3 label   are created specifically for extended memory games on older 3DS / 2DS models. (To detect if you are using a game with extended memory, check if the console restarts after closing it from the main menu.)  It is not necessary to install the Mode3 version if you do not want to use a game with extended memory or you have a new 3DS / 2DS.

Banner PabloMK7 / FONZD

The banner is the 3D model that appears on the main screen when the app is selected in the main menu. The difference is only visual and depends on your choice.

V 2.12

  • Added compatibility 11.8.

V 2.11

Fixed an issue with the O3DS console

V 2.10

A little update:

  • Support for Luma3DS 9.0 thanks to  @ astronautlevel2
  • RomFS size reduction thanks to  @mzino
  • Fixed a bug in the update program

V 2.9

  • NTR Updated to version 3.6 thanks to  @ 44670
  • Transfer all files to sd: / 3ds / BootNTRSelector /
  • Updater should support the .3dsx version

3dsx version

The .3dsx file should be inserted in  sd: /3ds/BootNTRSelector/BootNTRSelector.3dsx


From this version, you can delete the following folders and all their contents from the SD card:

  • Sd: / Nintendo 3DS / EBNTR /
  • sd: / 3ds / ntr /