PSX Classics Tools Updated (w/ Tutorial) + CDDA & Multi-Disc Support by Most Hated

About 10 months ago Scene Contributor zecoxao released some tools and information from ZeroTolerance pertaining to PSXclassic’s working with decompressed ISO’s . Since that time Most Hated has published some new advancements following the previous work, adding Multi-Disc Support with updated Tools and also a new tutorial for providing CDDA support. Two welcome editions to this previous release that I am sure many will make use of. view all the details provided by Most Hated.


  • Here goes my (Most Hated) compiled version of updated tools from zecoxao and ZeroTolerance.
    • ISO.BIN.DAT is automated now with the new tool. Python 2.7 is still needed.
    • Multidisc games work now but the size limit on PSX2PSP 1.4 is a little under 2GB.
    • Anything over the size limit will black screen.

    PSX Classics Tools Instructions:

    1. Install python 2.7
    2. Use pip to install ecdsa
    3. Create EBOOT.PBP from iso with PSX2PSP (Compression:0-None)
    4. Place EBOOT.PBP in workbench directory
    5. Drop EBOOT.PBP into “make_psone_classic_metadata.exe”
    6. Run (on command line for R/S value data output)
    7. Copy R and place it on the end of ISO.BIN.DAT (append, leave out first 00)
    8. Copy S and place it on the end of ISO.BIN.DAT after R (append, leave out first 00)
    9. Take note of title id
    10. Encrypt ISO.BIN.DAT: (Title id)
    11. make_npdata -e ISO.BIN.DAT ISO.BIN.EDAT 1 1 1 0 16 3 00 UP9000-SLPS01901_00-0000000000000001 5
    12. Replace EBOOT on a psx classic decrypted pkg (or use template)
    13. Replace ISO.BIN.EDAT on a psx classic decrypted pkg (or use template)
    14. Replace Pictures (or use template)
    15. Replace Param.SFO (or use template)
    16. Make PKG.
    17. Done!

Download: PSX Classic Tools (Multi-Disc/CDDA Support)