RetroArch (PS4) – Unofficial build comes to the PS4 (by OsirisX), includes 25 libretro cores

RetroArch for the PS4 was in development around this time last year, if you recall. Various developer’s such as frangarcj & bigboss wershowing the initial progress and private builds of the port’s early progress and then development seem to come to a slow-down without much news surrounding it. In the meantime the PS4 community followed the emergence of a new PS2 port of RetroArch as some ps2 homebrew can be played via emulation and in the 5.05 ps4 via a PS2 Classic convert, This gave a small taste of RetroArch emulation in a limited capacity on the PS4. A native PS4 port was and has been in high demand, now developer @OsirisX has answered the call and has delivered an unofficial release of RetroArch PS4 (v1.8.1-R1) to become the latest PS4 Homebrew. We have seen a few ps4 homebrew releases but this is huge news for the PS4 community, For those of you who may not know the developer. This person has been in the scene for a long time and has been responsible for various projects across platforms, some of our reader’s may recall one project on the PS3 from this dev ( PS3xPAD (cfw plugin)..)

The initial release of this port contains 25 libretro cores, ranging from experimental N64 emulation, MAME, PS1, DosBoX, NES, Genesis/Mega Drive, 32x and other libretro core’s that will emulate many retro console now on your PS4!!!. For more information about this port checkout the release notes from the developer attached below, along with some extra bits of info we have added as well. Please share your experiences in the comments below. What is working and not working?


  • RetroArch PS4
    This is a native PS4 port of RetroArch. It is based off v1.8.1.
    Only a handful of cores are ported for now but more will come at a later date!

    ( Video’s by @Grim Doe )

    You will need a jailbroken PS4 running 5.05 fw to install and use this port.​

    Ported cores list:

    • 2048_libretro.self – 2048 core
    • dosbox_libretro.self – DOSbox 0.74, MS-DOS Emulator
    • desmume2015_libretro.self – Nintendo DS [NDS]
    • fceumm_libretro.self – FCEUmm, Nintendo Entertainment System [NES]
    • gearboy_libretro.self – Gearboy, Game Boy [DMG + Color]
    • genesis_plus_gx_libretro.self – Genesis Plus GX, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive & Sega CD & Sega Master System
    • mame2000_libretro.self – MAME 0.37b5, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
    • mame2003_libretro.self – MAME 0.72, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
    • mame2003_plus_libretro.self – MAME 0.72+, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
    • mednafen_gba_libretro.self – MednaFen GBA, Game Boy Advance [GBA]
    • mednafen_lynx_libretro.self – MednaFen Lynx, Atari Lynx
    • mednafen_ngp_libretro.self – MednaFen NeoPop, Neo-Geo Pocket [Color]
    • mednafen_snes_libretro.self – MednaFen SNES, Super Nintendo [SNES]
    • mednafen_vb_libretro.self – MednaFen VB, Virtual Boy
    • mednafen_wswan_libretro.self – MednaFen WonderSwan, Bandai WonderSwan [+ Color]
    • mgba_libretro.self – mGBA, Game Boy Advance [GBA]
    • parallel_n64_libretro.self – Nintendo 64 (Experimental) [N64]
    • pcsx_rearmed_libretro.self – PCSX ReARMed, PlayStation 1 [PS1]
    • picodrive_libretro.self – PicoDrive, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive & Sega CD & Sega 32X
    • quicknes_libretro.self – QuickNES, Nintendo Entertainment System [NES]
    • snes9x2002_libretro.self – Snes9X 2002, Super Nintendo [SNES]
    • snes9x2005_libretro.self – Snes9x 2005, Super Nintendo [SNES]
    • snes9x2005_plus_libretro.self – Snes9x 2005 Plus, Super Nintendo [SNES]
    • snes9x2010_libretro.self – Snes9x 2010, Super Nintendo [SNES]
    • snes9x_libretro.self – Snes9x, Super Nintendo [SNES]

Download: RetroArch (PS4_r1)

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