[PSVITA] RepoHub V0.15 Beta 2 Released [AGGX1]

After almost 4 months after the last alpha version, the developer robDevs has released a new update of Repohub in version 0.15.If you like Github, Repohub is an application that allows you to browse GitHub users and repositories using the GitHub API directly on PSVITA. You can also view and download versions from repositories as well.


By default, the API allows 60 requests per hour, per IP address. For light use this should be abundant. If you need additional API requests, see the section on personal access tokens.

Personal access token

The use of a personal access token increases the API request limit to 5000 per hour and is based on the token, not the IP address.

Using a token will also unlock these additional features:

  • Star and Unstar repositories.
  • Send problems directly to RepoHub on GitHub

Creation of personal access tokens

  • visit  https://github.com/settings/tokens  to create the token
  • Select  public_repofor the token scope.
  • Start RepoHub and press Start on the main screen
  • Select Insert Token
  • The token will be encrypted and saved using a key provided only at the time of compilation.

Use without personal access token

A username is still required to use RepoHub. It is used to generate the list of followed users and special repositories. To add your username:

  • press start from the main screen
  • select Enter username


V0.15 BETA 2

  • Featured Archives tab.
    • To request the addition or removal of a repository, submit a problem  here  with  user/namethe repository.
  • Updated the version details page to make it more consistent with the rest of the app.
  • Make sure the temporary folders used during the installation are empty / removed before installing the app.

V0.10 BETA 1

  • Option to install vpk files after download.
  • now requires unsafe permissions for homebrew.


  • Display user information
  • Authenticated users can now follow / stop following people.
    • This requires that the access token be scoped user:follow
  • A little bit of code cleaning


  • Now you can search for users and repositories. Use the Start menu from the Home / Next screen and select “Search”
  • The Specials and Search Results pages now show “owner / name” for the repositories.
  • Fixes crash when viewing very long readme files.