[PS4] OpenOrbis PKG Unofficial FTP Server Released: The First PS4 Homebrew Created With OOSDK

This morning the PS4 scene woke up precisely with the OpenOrbis team and zecoxao who shared on Twitter the first unofficial homebrew PKG FTP server for PS4 created with the open source SDK OOSDK. To use it, simply install the PKG with debug_setting and run it and use an FTP client to connect the IP of the PS4 on port 5000. I remember that this homebrew will not be the only one available for PS4 with firmware 5.05 but more is expected soon….

Warning: the pkg has the same ID (CUSA00022) as Watchdogs 2 it is recommended to uninstall the game before installing it

Image credits at the beginning of the article by yyoosskt


PS4 FTP OpenOrbis