[SWITCH] XCI Explorer V1.5.0 Released

StudentBlake developer  has released a new update of  XCI Explorer in version 1.5.0. XCI Explorer  is designed to edit, dump and explore XCI files. XCI files are essentially clones of game cartridge memory. They are equivalent to .3DS files read by 3DS, or ISO / CSO files for PSP. SX OS only reads the XCI files, so those are the games you want to download.

Main features XCI Explorer

  • View the metadata
  • Explore the partitions
  • Check the NCA hashes
  • Extract NCA
  • Upload metadata from NSP files
  • Change cert


XCI Explorer v1.5.0

  • Added support master_key_0a (MasterKey10) – zzpong
  • Haptool updated to the latest (1.3.1)
  • Added support for 1GB cards – zzpong
  • Improved logic and optimized code – zzpong
  • Updated Keys.txt (MUST delete keys.txt before running the program or add master_key_0a to keys.txt)
  • Modified for .NET target 4.8
  • Fixed persistent temporary files
  • Disable the cut button as soon as possible if XCI cannot be cut

XCI Explorer v1.4.7

  • Updated text to correctly display MasterKey 7

XCI Explorer v1.4.6

  • Removed Fody due to false positives with some AV software
  • Changed the target framework to the latest .NET
  • Other minor minor changes

XCI Explorer v1.4.4

  • MasterKey4 support
  • Last hactool
  • Minor bug fixes

XCI Explorer v1.4.3

  • Fixed some NSP files that were not reading
  • Fixed blocking of open NSP files
  • Added version information of NSP if available

XCI Explorer v1.4.2

  • Hash validation has been added again
  • Game review now works (thanks to  @garoxas  )
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

XCI Explorer v1.4.1

Removed the need for nstoolmod (thanks to Giba). This version should also work for Windows 7 users.

XCI Explorer v1.3.0

  • This version offers the possibility to load metadata from NSP files! It also includes a temporary fix for the crashes of some XCI files.

Thanks GibaBR for most of the code.

XCI Explorer v1.2.5

  • For now, hash support has been restored until it has been possible to discover the problem with new games (such as Sonic Mania).

XCI Explorer v1.2.2.1

  • This corrects the program to become unresponsive when extracting the NCA files.
  • This is a pre-release because it requires more testing and polishing.
  • Other bug fixes. GBATemp does not like that the keys.txt file is included in the version, so it has been removed and Get-keys.txt.bat has been included. If you run the program without keys.txt, you will be asked to download / include them.



 Github . For the featured image Gbatemp