[PS4] PS4-Xplorer V1.19 Released

The Spanish developer Lapy05575948 has released a new update of PS4-Xplorer with the new version 1.19.PS4-Xplorer BETA is a homebrew fpkg that allows you to perform operations like a real explorer like cutting / pasting files and folders, viewing images, playing audio wav or ogg etc., a fairly useful homebrew comparable to Vitashell on PSVITA


  • It allows the basic operations of a file explorer (cut, copy, paste, rename and delete complete files and folders) with a simple interface, easy to use and with full administrator privileges (root).
  • To access the drives connected via USB, go to: / mnt / usb0 and / mnt / ubs1
  • It allows you to view images (png, jpg) and to read the text content (txt, ini, bat).
  • It allows you to play audio (wav, ogg) in the background, so you can play them and continue using the other browser functions.
  • It is translated into Spanish and English. Spanish for those who have the console in Spanish and English for all other configurations.


  • When files or folders are copied or moved, and they already exist in the destination, they are overwritten without asking.



  •  Avatar support created with the Avatar Maker tool, Avatar support (.xavatar file of the Windows application “PS4-Xplorer Theme Maker + Avatar Maker 1.5”). It works like themes, but it is to install avatars in your PS4 user profile in a very simple way.
  • There is a bug when there is more than one user, says “Lapy” in the first one. If you switch from one user to another, it will be corrected, this error will be resolved quickly.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Overwrite all” button.


  • – Support for themes
  • – Support for Zip, Tar and Rar (not Rar5)
  • – FTP connection with L3 Note: after applying a theme, you can restore the default one by removing the PS4xplorer_theme folder from “/ data /”


  • Improved accuracy by showing the file size (including 0 kb files).
  • – Fixed minor bugs.


– An error in the calculation in the progress bar (in percentage), in the new bar.
– An addition of a Cancel button (square)
– Many bug fixes including FTP and writing (by Zecoxao)


  • Experiment with a real progress bar. It only works when you COPY a SINGLE file. (Not on cut, folders or multiple files for now)


PS4-Xplorer BETA 1.19