[PSVITA / SWITCH] Julius (Caesar III) V1.4.0 Released

The developer bvschaik has officially released a further massive update of the first port / fork of Caesar 3 on Nintendo Switch and PSVITA of Julius with the new version 1.4.0.Julius is an open source re-implementation of Caesar III, a strategic game similar to SimCity set in Roman times focused on the creation of a city and services. The purpose of this project is to create an open source version of Caesar 3, with the same logic of the original, but with some improvements of the user interface, which can be played on multiple platforms. The same logic means that saved games are 100% compatible, and any gameplay bugs present in the original Caesar 3 game will also be present in Julius.

UI improvements include:

Support for widescreen resolutions
Support in window mode for 32-bit desktop
Julius requires the execution of the original resources (graphics, sounds, etc.) of Caesar 3.

Installation instructions on Nintendo Switch

  • Extract the contents of julius_switch.zip to the folder  switchon your SD card, so that you have a folder  switch/juliuswith it  julius.nroinside.
  • Copy all the files from a Caesar 3 installation to the folder  switch/juliuson your SD card, so that you have the file  c3.engand more in your folder, as well as  julius.nro. For example, Caesar 3 can be purchased from gog.com.


  • Support for Bluetooth mouse and keyboard
  • Control of the left analog mouse stick
  • Scrolling the right analog stick map
  • Touchpad-style mouse controls with click gestures (short single touch to left click, etc.)
  • On-screen keyboard via plus key, useful for entering the player’s name


Left analog stick = move the mouse pointer
Right analog stick or dpad up / down / left / right = Move the map.
R / A = left mouse button
L / B = right mouse button
X = Simulate  Pg. Upkey press
Y = Simulate  Pg. Downkey press
Plus = Show on-screen keyboard, useful for entering the player name etc.

Touch controls

Note: for multi-touch, the fingers must be far enough apart from each other, so that they do not mistakenly recognize them as a finger. Otherwise the pointer will jump.

Single short tap = left mouse click
Single short tap while holding a second finger = right mouse click
Single finger drag = move the mouse pointer, the pointer distance in response to finger movement depends on the speed setting the
mouse. ‘n’drop (left mouse button is held down)
Three fingers dragged = drag’n’drop (right mouse button is held down)


  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    • Ctrl + O / Ctrl + S to load and save games
    • Alt + Enter to activate / deactivate the full screen
    • Numeric keypad 0-9 to go to consultants
  • Hotkey behavior changed: Escape now closes dialogs instead of exiting the game
  • Configurable Shortcut Keys: You can now assign your own keys for shortcut key actions. This means that existing shortcut keys may no longer work if you are using a non-US keyboard layout. Go to Options -> Configure keyboard shortcuts in the game to set them.
  • Support for  language packs  . If you have multiple language versions of the game, you can easily switch between them.
  • Support for Korean and Swedish versions of the game
  • The configuration options screen has been translated into French, German, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish

Game improvements

  • Building a fort no longer triggers a message that the city needs workers
  • Right-click information on Fountain and Mission Post now shows workers
  • The religion overlay tooltip now shows which gods the house has access to
  • New configuration option: fix emperor change events and survival time winning criteria –  more details

UI improvements

  • New configuration option: shows the tank, the fountain and the flow rate of the well during construction
  • New configuration option: shows dimensions when building draggable buildings
  • By right-clicking and dragging in the city, the map will be moved
  • Double click to upload the files
  • Make some elements more color-friendly
  • Interface changes to adapt to languages ​​with longer texts

Bug fixes

  • Correct graphic artifacts when building draggable tanks
  • Correction of the right click of the amphitheater which does not play the corresponding audio file
  • Correct walls destroyed by enemies that show “nowhere” when you right-click on rubble
  • Fixed issue with correct map scrolling when using certain custom display scales

Technical improvements

  • The screen no longer turns black when you resize the window when a dialog box appears
  • Bug fix while using touch
  • Correct missing audio for certain audio driver / operating system combinations
  • Disables the setting of window mode on platforms that do not support it
  • Better support for Wayland in the flatpak image
  • Update SDL to 2.0.12
  • Add runtime version controls for SDL, allowing the use of older SDL libraries