[SWITCH] Lockpick_RCM V1.8.3 Released

The shchmue developer has released a new update of Lockpick_RCM in version 1.8.3.Lockpick_RCM is a payload for Nintendo Switch that allows the extraction of encryption keys for use with software such as hactool, hactoolnet / LibHac, ChoiDujour, etc. without starting Horizon OS. Due to the changes imposed by the 7.0.0 firmware, Lockpick homebrew cannot extract the latest keys. However, there are fewer limitations in the boot environment.


  • Start Lockpick_RCM.bin using your favorite payload injector
  • Upon completion, the keys will be saved /switch/prod.keysto the SD card
  • If the console has firmware 7.x, the folder  /sept/of  Atmosphère  or  Kosmos will release a zip file containing both sept-primary.binand  sept-secondary.encmust be present on SD or only the derivation of the master key keyblob (that is, until master_key_05only)


  • Improved the general encryption function aes-xts to adapt it to the diskio algorithm (only 2 total aes-ecb calls instead of one per block) and perform xor operations in 32-bit blocks. Also updated for gcc 10 and the latest Hekate commits joined.
  • Sysmmc races get a slight speed improvement, emummc gets a big speed improvement, especially based on files.
  • It now also supports sept analysis from sept-secondary if FSS0 entry is present hekate_ipl.ini