[PSVITA / ANDROID] VHBB Android Beta-7 Released

If you are looking for the best homebrews and plugins of the PSVITA scene and are looking for a way to download them, the developer Electric1447 has released a new application for Android called VHBB Android. With VHBB Android you can download all the homebrews of the vitadb site and the CBPS Team directly on your smartphone, the only flaw is the use of another program to be able to transfer them to PSVITA (a guide is available here )


  • See all VitaDB homebrews.
  • Custom plugin database containing 95% of all psvita plugins.
  • See all CBPS-DB homebrews and plugins.
  • Some extra apps.
  • Download homebrews and plugins to your Android device.
  • Research
  • You can get homebrews / plugins from custom repositories.


  • Android device with Android 5.0 Lolipop or later.
  • Internet connection


  • Added data downloads from CBPS-DB.
  • New data download icon.
  • Links fixed in settings.