[SWITCH] Hekate – CTCaer Mod V5.3.0 & Nyx V0.9.2 Released

The developer CTCaer has unexpectedly released a new update of the modified version of hekate – CTCaer mod in version 5.3.0 and Nyx in version 0.9.2.Hekate is an implementation of the HBL (homebrew Launcher) that allows you to download the USER partition or the entire eMMC RAW as well as automatically starting partial dumping (even on exFAT formatted SD cards), based on the space available. It supports both FAT32 and exFAT and the new firmware 10.0.2.Nyx is the hekate GUI. It contains many features, such as FastFS, emuMMC management, personalization, etc.

Bootloader folders and files

Folder / file Description
boot loader Main folder.
| __ bootlogo.bmp It is used when personalization is active and no logopath was found. It can be skipped.
| __ hekate_ipl.ini Main bootloader configuration and boot entries.
| __ update.bin If more recent, it is loaded at startup. For modchips. It can be skipped.
bootloader / ini / For individuals. ‘More configurations …’. Autoboot is supported.
bootloader / sys / For system modules.
| __ libsys_lp0.bso LP0 (sleep mode) module. Important!
bootloader / payloads / For payloads. ‘Payloads’ menu. Autoboot supported only by including them in an ini. All CFW Linux bootloaders, tools, Linux payloads are supported.
bootloader / libtools / Future reserved

Bootloader configuration

The bootloader can be configured via ‘bootloader / hekate_ipl.ini’ (if present on the SD card). Each ini section represents a startup entry, except for the special ‘config’ section which controls the global configuration.

There are four possible types of rumors. ”  []  “: Boot entry, ”  {}  “: Caption, ”  #  “: Comment, ”  newline  “: .ini cosmetic newline.

Configuration keys / values ​​when the boot entry is  config  :

Configuration option Description
autoboot = 0 0: Disable, #: boot entry number for automatic startup.
bootwait = 3 0: Disable (Disable also bootlogo. Having  VOL-  pressed since the injection goes to the menu.), #: Waiting time for  VOL-  to access the menu.
customlogo = 0 0: use default hekate bootlogo, 1: use bootlogo.bmp.
verification = 2 0: Disable backup / restore verification, 1: Sparse (block-based, fast and 100% unreliable), 2: complete (based on sha256, slow and 100% reliable).
autohosoff = 1 0: Disable, 1: If woken up by HOS through an RTC alarm, it shows the logo, then it goes off completely, 2: No logo, it goes off immediately.
backlight = 100 Screen backlight level. 0-255.

Possible combinations of boot insertion keys / values:

Configuration option Description
logopath = {SD path} If global customlogo is 1 and empty logopath, bootlogo.bmp will be used. If logopath exists, it will load the specified bitmap.
warmboot = {SD path} Replaces the binary warmboot file
secmon = {SD path} Replaces the safety monitor rail
kernel = {SD path} Replaces the binary kernel file
kip1 = {SD path} Replaces / adds the initial kernel process. More can be set.
kip1 = {SD folder} / * Upload each .kip / .kip1 into a folder. Compatible with single Kip1 keys.
kip1patch = name of the patch Enable a kip1 patch. Specify with multiple lines and / or as CSV. The patches implemented now are nosigchk, nogc
fullsvcperm = 1 Disable SVC verification (full service authorization)
DebugMode = 1 Enable debug mode
1 atmosphere = Enable the application of Atmosphère
payload = {SD path} Payload launch. Tools, Linux, CFW bootloader, etc.

Nyx preview




  • Full support of Exosphère 2
    compatibility for previous versions of atmosphere. You can start both the previous versions and the new 0.13+.
  • Even faster startup times by managing eMMC better  . Save 500 ms.
  • Many HOS launch corrections and QoL checks.
  • Enable the charger unconditionally for deadlock protection.
  • Fixed issue with kip1patches which sometimes did not apply to very specific borderline cases. (Always existed).
  • Allow booting if kip1 patches fail. (He will ask you.)
    Don’t continue when patches are important (example: emummc, nogc, etc.) Or you don’t know the implications.
  • Add damaged bootlogo protection. Avoid the softlock.
  • And many other corrections.


  • Support for exosphere 2 has been added
  • Very quick changes based on emuMMC files are also included.

Based on  https://github.com/m4xw/emuMMC/tree/06ab9b895c4264ecc14d3bf9be1260e2096f6037

Nyx v0.9.2

  • Countless partition manager fixes.
    If you’ve had problems before, especially with error 14 or 4KB cluster size, everything has now been resolved.
  • Better dumping JoyCon SPI for Android / Linux
    The joycon mac address dumping tool is now more robust and will inform you if the pairings come from a PC or HOS.

Further changes:

  • Archive Bit Fixer now supports all folders with 00 files inside
  • Allow multiple backup based emuMMC (via migration option)
  • Changing the clock offset will now be displayed at startup if not set.
    Making sure it is set, the screenshots will now have the correct date and time on the names.
  • Add larger deadzone to the joycon virtual mouse.
  • Reduce inactive power absorption
  • Add BIS key generation and simple CAL0 information
  • And many other corrections.

Bootloader Development Kit (BDK)

This version also introduces the BDK. The whole structure of hekate has changed, so it’s easy to make code changes to drivers and utilities.
This allows the transformation of hekate into anything and facilitates porting to other Tegra X1 / X1 +.
For now it is used for hekate, Nyx and modules. Since this is only the beginning, it will improve further down the road.

Anniversary v5.2.0 has had a huge change log. If you have lost it, check here:  https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate/releases/tag/v5.2.0


  • How to use Partition Manager for Linux / Android?
    For now the official versions of these projects are old and do not support the new layout.
    You can still make it work if you develop Android or if you extract the ext4 partition from the Linux disk image.
  • My Joy-Con drifting when in Nyx, how to solve?
    Nyx applies an automatic calibration at startup. It happens when you hear the rumble. If you press the levers first, an incorrect calibration will be applied.
    To solve the problem on the fly, simply remove the Joy-Con and reinsert it. This always causes a new calibration. Make sure not to touch the stick when reinserting.
  • I don’t care about emuMMC / Linux / Android. Can the Part manager be used for something else?
    Yes. You can still reformat your SD card in a single FAT32 partition.
    You can also use it when you have exFAT and want to format on FAT32.
    We also recommend formatting the SD card via ekate. This is because it prepares it for  performance  . something that many partitioning tools overlook.


Check  readme.md  for more information.

For maximum UMS performance in Windows, you nyx_usb_max_rate__run_only_once_per_windows_pc.regonly need to run  once per PC.
It only affects the hekate USB device. You can also view that file with the text editor and see what it does. Linux / Mac OS users don’t need it.

Don’t forget to drag and drop the  bootloaderfolder to the root of the SD card and press Replace. You don’t need to delete that folder first, especially if you want configurations and payloads.

The version is based on:  9698cbc


Source and credits