Vita & Switch Emulation News: EasyVPK 1.2.0 released allowing for direct VitaDB homebrew installation on Vita & Ryujinx hits 500 playable games

Recently, Electric1447 has taken upon himself the task of improving homebrew downloading and installation options for the PlayStation Vita with EasyVPK 1.2.0 bringing a major feature to the table. In this article, we’ll also be looking at Ryujinx hitting 500 playable games despite seeing like the underdog till earlier this year!

PSVita: EasyVPK 1.2.0 released with the ability to install homebrew directly from VitaDB

EasyVPK now allows you to install homebrew directly form the utility itself meaning that it can be considered as a full alternative to VHBB!

A few days ago, Electric1447 released EasyVPK for the PlayStation Vita which is a homebrew utility letting one download homebrew from Rinnegatamante‘s VitaDB but it lacked the ability to actually install them. However, with EasyVPK 1.2.0 which was recently released, this important feature has been implemented meaning that this homebrew utility is now quite similar to VHBB in terms of functionality as it can directly install homebrew to your PlayStation Vita.

Feature-wise, EasyVPK comes with the vast majority of functionality that one would expect from a homebrew downloading & installation utility including:

  • The ability to view a list of the homebrew available on VitaDB together with search functionality
  • Viewing more in-depth descriptions of homebrew and associated screenshots stored on VitaDB’s server
  • Downloading and now, installing homebrew together with data files directly on the PlayStation Vita itself
  • An easy-to-use interface similar to that of THEN00P’s EasyPlugin upon which it is based

Right now, VitaDB doesn’t seem to be online so obviously, EasyVPK will not work till it is back up. Electric1447 also updated VHBB-Android a few days ago with support for CBPSDB which is a VitaDB alternative introduced last week.

You may download EasyVPK 1.2.0 from its GitHub Release Page, install the VPK file and test it out when Rinnegatamante’s VitaDB is back up!

Switch Emulation: Ryujinx hits 500 playable games with titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe included!

When one thinks of Switch emulation, Yuzu generally comes to mind as the team behind it frequently gives updates about progress being made and recent efforts have seen the addition of some highly requested features such as multi-threaded CPU emulation which in turn made some Switch titles playable even on CPUs as old as the i5-4690K from 6 years back.

However, Ryujinx which could be considered as a bit of an underdog rose

With Ryujinx, you can play various Switch-exclusives like New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe which aren’t playable on Yuzu as per its compatibility list

back to the spotlight last March when the team behind it managed to make it run both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pretty well which are highly popular titles on the Switch.


Yesterday, the folks behind the it posted on Twitter that as per the compatibility list for their emulator, over a thousand games could get in-game with half of these already being playable meaning that significant progress has been made in the last 3 months! As of writing this article, the Ryujinx GitHub compatibility list stands at 500 playable titles (‘status-playable’ tag) which include some well-known titles such as:

Ryujinx Nightlies may be downloaded from this page but make sure to dump your own Switch ROMs as downloading them from the internet is illegal!

Other News

Staying on the PlayStation Vita scene, Team CBPS have shared their findings regarding the Vita 1K’s mystery (accessory) port and getting USB OTG to work on the Vita 2K with a hardware solution being worked upon for connecting USB devices to the Vita 1K through its mystery port with Zexceil. SysDVR 4.0.1 has been released for the Switch which fixes some crashes both on the console itself and Windows client.