PlayStation 2: FreeDVDBoot gets support for DVD Player 3.04 & 3.11 – The final DVD Player version is now supported!

A few days ago, CTurt released FreeDVDBoot which allows one to hack their PlayStation 2 through the DVD Player but only version 3.10 was supported. Now, DVD Player 3.11 and 3.04 have earned support by popular demand with testing still ongoing!

What is FreeDVDBoot?

PlayStation 2: FreeDVDBoot gets support for DVD Player 3.04 & 3.11 - The latest DVD Player version is now supported!

With FreeDVDBoot, one can hack their console and run homebrew (and possibly do more in the future) by simply burning a DVD!

Released late last week, FreeDVDBoot is a software hack for the PlayStation 2 that works by exploiting the built-in DVD Player. This allows one to hack ALL PlayStation 2 consoles by simply burning an ISO file to a regular DVD meaning thus triumphing over other methods which have you installing software on a memory card, installing a modchip or engaging in other forms of messing around with the console. In its current form, FreeDVDBoot only allows one to launch homebrew from the DVD or USB storage but CTurt has demonstrated that running backups via ESR is indeed possible while also giving some instructions on how to do it so we may see a tool that allows one to burn their own FreeDVDBoot game backups.

Up till yesterday, only DVD Player 3.10 was supported as that is the version that CTurt used to develop the exploit but now, that’s changed with two more late DVD Player versions gaining support for the exploit!

CTurt adds support for DVD Player 3.04 & 3.11

While FreeDVDBoot initially supported DVD Player 3.10, CTurt has been hard at work adding support for other popular versions! (Tweet)

While even the latest version of the PlayStation 2’s DVD Player (3.11) is vulnerable to FreeDVDBoot, differences in the 50 versions of the software stop the exploit from working out of the box so support for each DVD Player version needs to be implemented manually for now. As a result, CTurt decided to first implement support for DVD Player 3.04 & 3.11 as he received the most requests from owners of PS2 consoles with these versions possibly because they aren’t compatible with some popular hacking methods like Free MCBoot.

As per some tweets from today and yesterday, CTurt has been able to do the following:


To get FreeDVDBoot ISOs together with instructions on how to use it, follow the link to the GitHub repository below which contains all the information required. CTurt has also shared some information which could help knowledgeable members of the community port the exploit/hack to different versions of the DVD Player software.

FreeDVDBoot GitHub Repository (instructions in README):

FreeDVDBoot Porting Information:

Detailed write-up on FreeDVDBoot:

CTurt’s Twitter (latest updates):