PS4 6.72 / 5.05 Payload to Unlock Debug Features & FPKG Game Trophies

Following the PS4 Trophy Error Fix today PlayStation 4 developers @zecoxao (Twitter) and @Joonie (Twitter) shared some PS4 6.72 / 5.05 ToDEX Payloads respectively to unlock some PS4 Debug / TestKit Features on Retail Jailbroken Consoles including the ability to play Fake PKG (FPKG) games with Debug Trophies installed by temporarily converting (via memory spoof) the Target ID to 0x82 (DEX). 🏆

Download: todex.7z (2.31 KB – For 6.72 FW) / todex_505.bin (2 KB – For 5.05 FW) / GIT / ToDEX Live Demo (5.05) via @EdiTzZ

As noted in the Tweets below, ToDEX only spoofs the PS4 Target ID to DEX and doesn’t replace any modules, so to go back to a regular retail PS4 just restart the console since the required SAMU Code is currently not available for a full PS4 CEX2DEX conversion. :geek:

PS4 Debug / TestKit Features Unlocked:

★ Delete Patch
★ Delete Addcont Extra Data
★ Delete Temp Data
★ Delete Download Data
★ Delete Users’ Save Data
★ Delete All Users’ Save Data

⚠ Warning: In the Tweets below, @Joonie notes NOT to mess with ‘delete save data’ as it wipes out ALL your saves! ⚠

Also of interest, when asked about PS4 CFW such as PS4 DEX / REX from Team Rebug he replied simply, “probably never.” 😢

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PS4 6.72 5.05 Payload to Unlock Debug Features & FPKG Game Trophies.jpg