PlayStation 4 Releases: YouTube 2.06 & Netflix 1.41 NoPSN patch + FW 5.05 backport released

While the PlayStation 4 is predominately a device for playing games, many also use it as a convenient way to watch videos on their TV. This is done through media applications, such as YouTube & Netflix, but these can be a tad problematic on hacked PS4 consoles so community members sometimes have to maintain patched versions and in this article, we’re going to look at modified YouTube 2.06 & Netflix 1.41 PKG releases!

Updated & backported NoPSN YouTube & Netflix released

Like the PlayStation 3, some media apps on the PlayStation 4 require one to log into PSN in order to use them thus rendering them unusable on all firmwares except the latest one.

As the YouTube app for the PlayStation 4 requires one to log into PSN for no good reason, the community has come to the rescue with a version that doesn’t require this thus making it usable on hacked firmwares!

This means that NoPSN patches are required in order to use these media applications on hacked console which Reddit user “osama_yo_momma” has provided in the past. Like games, media apps also have a minimum firmware version so they need to be backported in order to work on older hacked firmwares which today’s PKG releases take care of as well.

Moving over to today’s releases, osama_yo_momma has released the following modified media application PKGs for hacked PlayStation 4 consoles:


Osama_yo_momma has promised to release more patched media apps going forward with the PKG files used coming from the USA region. You may grab the modified PKGs by following the download link in the Reddit thread linked below.

Updated NoPSN YouTube & Netflix Reddit Thread: