[SWITCH] Switch Theme Injector v4.5.1 and NXThemes Installer v2.5 released

 AUG 22, 2020

The Italian developer exelix11, part of the Qcean team, has released a new Switch theme injector update in version 4.5.1 and a new NXThemes Installer update in version 2.5. Switch theme injector automatically patches layouts in common.szs and replaces bntx with a few simple steps while  NxThemes Installer is a homebrew that can manage custom themes directly on the nintendo switch console, capable of installing both nxtheme and szs themes. that the tool is also available online at this address

What do you need:

  • – a tool that can save images as dds (photoshop, paint.net, gimp, even visual studio)
  • –  aboood’s BNTX editor
  • – A theme for your firmware (common.szs for <= 5.x, ResidentMenu.szs for 6.0)
  • – a 720p background image   (read faq to know why)
  • –  Qcean’s Switch injector v3 

How to create a theme:

  • First of all, export your image as dds, these are the settings in Photoshop, try to combine them with other tools:

For firmware 5.0 or lower

1) open Switch theme injector, press the “open szs” button and open your  common.szs
2) click on export bntx and save it somewhere
3) open the bntx you just exported in the btnx editor, at the bottom select the image called ”  White1x1_180 ^ r  “, press replace and open your dds, leave everything unchecked and press ok
4) press save or save as to save your bntx
5) in the Switch theme injector button in the Inject & Patch tab, click on the “…” button and open the bntx you just saved
6) press the patch and save

Install the theme: 

  • Make sure you put layered fs on your console, both reinx and atmosphere work
  • copy your common.szs to: SdCard: \ * Your cfw folder * \ titles \ 0100000000001000 \ romfs \ lyt \  common.szs 
  • If you have a The ResidentMenu.szs theme for 6.0 should be removed.

For firmware 6.0

1) open Switch theme injector, press the “open szs” button and open  ResidentMenu.szs
2) click export bntx and save it somewhere
3) open the bntx you just exported in the btnx editor, at the bottom select the image ”  White1x1A128 ^ s  “, press replace and open your dds, leave everything deselected and press ok
4) press save or save as to save your bntx
5) In Switch theme injector go to the Inject & Patch tab, click on the button “…” And open the bntx you just saved
6) press patch and save

Install your theme: 

  • Make sure you put layered fs on your console, both reinx and atmosphere work
  • Copy your ResidentMenu.szs to: SdCard: \ * Your cfw folder * \ titles \ 0100000000001000 \ romfs \ lyt \  ResidentMenu.szs 
  • If you have a common.szs theme for 5.1 you should remove it  .


You can use the same dds if you are creating themes for multiple versions but you CANNOT use the same bntx 

IMPORTANT -> since the main menu is a system title, you need to create an empty file named fsmitm.flag placed in: SdCard: \ * Your cfw folder * \ titles \ 0100000000001000 \ fsmitm.flag

Frequent questions:

Why only 720p images, do I want to use 1080p or 4K !? 
two reasons: firstly, the internal resolution of the main menu is 720p, no matter whether docked or not, this means that the image will be automatically resized to 720p. Second, larger images are more likely to crash the console during startup.

My switch hangs on startup. 
This should have been fixed with Switch Theme Injector 2.0, perhaps you are using a theme that was created with the previous version.
If you experience this issue with themes created with the latest version, please let us know.

News applet freezes
You are using the old bflyt patch, use this tool to fix your themes

Do themes work on firmware older than 5.1.0? 
For older firmware this tool should work but has been tested. If you want to try, you have to use a common.szs from the firmware you want to mod and follow this guide. If your theme works, let us know!
Note: If you encounter problems with older firmware we may not be able to help you. 
Change: Version 4.0.1 works but has some issues (checked by hax4dayz).

Can I share my custom themes here?
NO ! 
the common.szs file not only contains the theme, but many other files that are copyrighted.
We are working on a legal solution to make the themes freely downloadable, so stay tuned.

Does Switch theme injector work on linux? 
Yes it’s a simple winform application and works through wine, the user interface won’t be very nice.

Can a custom theme change my switch? 
No, custom themes are applied via layered fs, no changes are made to the nand

To stay in touch with us, learn about updates and further information, subscribe to the qcean discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/p27kEST



  • Support for downloading themes from  Themezer  , a new custom theme sharing website.
    • The theme download can support other hosts as long as they implement the API, more details have been added in the wiki
  • Support for firmware 10.1.1 currently only available in China
  • Fixed random crashes when installing themes
  • All integrated layouts updated
  • Drag and drop support for selecting files in the theme injector
  • Many changes under the hood to improve the user experience ™ ️


  • Support 10.1.0
  • Removed support for the outdated themed shuffle sysmodule. It was known to cause problems, please stop using it.
  • Improved main menu extraction speed, it should now only take a few seconds
  • Fixed several crashes reported by users
  • Get ready for something interesting to come soon


  • Firmware 10.0 support
  • Brilliant new user interface for the theme installer
    • Includes several bug fixes, no more flashing text that causes convulsions when browsing or installing multiple themes!
  • Support for font color in nxtheme format


  • Added a button to easily extract nxthemes
  • Released included DDS converter for better Linux compatibility
    • This means that only JPG and DDS images are now supported for nxthemes for backgrounds and only PNG and DDS for custom applet icons. Szs patching only supports DDS.
    • PNG is not supported for backgrounds as having a lossless image only increases the size of the theme as it is ultimately compressed with DXT1 (lossy!), For better quality use a good DDS encoder
  • SZS Patcher the tab is now hidden by default, you can enable it from advanced settings if needed.


  • Support for 9.0
    • Since 9.0 the main menu will require some code patches to work properly with themes, unfortunately not all CFWs support that, currently only lock screen themes are affected, the installer will warn you when installing a theme that requires a patch which you do not have
    • This also means that for every main menu update the affected parties will break for sure as the patch will need to be updated
  • Updated the applet icon patching process and custom layout, finally the color should remain the same regardless of the theme selected in the system settings.
  • Added the option to change the order of the tiles through custom layouts, more information  here
  • Improved UI navigation and minor bugs fixed


  • Better Linux support
    • Now you can create nxthemes without having to use DDS images. You can use JPG images for backgrounds and PNG for applet icons
    • Remote installation is supported via arg from the command line
  • Fixed various crashes


  • Fixed the extraction of the home menu in emunand of Atmosphère
  • Editing of Bflyt material in nxthemes, currently only colors but there is still more to come;)
  • Custom colors for applet buttons via json layout by automatically applying bntx patches. Layout example
  • Finally, the themes in the user page applet were fixed
  • Makes the layout less strict.
  • Fixed various crashes reported by users – Thanks!
  • Updated some integrated layouts

Compatibility with firmware 8.1.0 is unknown as it is not yet supported by CFW. Should any problems arise, another update will be released


  • Custom font support! Copy any TTF to the themes folder to install it.
  • Custom panel supports usd1 for nxthemes, these types of panels allow for more customization by changing the shape of icons or adding shadows. The layout editor will be updated shortly.
  • Support for the Player Select Applet
  • Support for nxthemes without a background image, these types of themes simply change the layout and look good on any color setting (dark or light “theme” option in console settings)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Note that custom fonts also apply to titles that load the font from the main menu, there is no way to prevent this.


  • Automatic extraction of the Home menu, works on any firmware and any cfw, the keys are no longer needed. this means full support for 7.0.x
  • Restart on payload button for users with atmosphere.
  • Custom album images are now supported, you can also set a custom icon color with a layout (only if using a custom image)
  • CLI support for the injector on Linux.


  • Support for custom layouts for common.szs (all firmware)
  • Better support for firmware <= 5.X
  • Support for command line arguments
  • Fixed many UI issues and minor bugs


  • Multi-select to install multiple themes at the same time
  • Remote installation to install themes without having to copy them first
  • Theme background preview for nxtheme files
  • Auto extraction of the main menu directly on the console.
  • Shuffle theme support with Theme Switcher’s new sysmodule, check  here  , as this is in beta, read the warnings before using it.

This should also fix the darker images bug when converting to DDS


  • This update adds support for the new nxtheme format, a legal and cross-firmware format for themes that can be freely shared.
  • In addition, there is the new NxThemes Installer, a homebrew capable of managing custom themes directly on the switch, capable of installing both nxtheme and szs themes.

To avoid problems with extraction nec remember to unlock the zip before unzipping (left click -> properties -> unlock) Also the automatic theme is deleted in favor of the nxtheme format, all current links will still work but only files will be displayed .nxtheme.


  • This release fixes an issue that prevents extraction nec when the path contains a space


  • Auto nca extraction: Easily dump szs files from your console, read the   updated guide
  • Image to DDS converter: use it to create DDS files compatible with Auto-Theme or  web injector .


  • Support for custom layouts
  • Automatically convert images to DDS

Layouts can be shared as JSON files, read  templates.md to create one


  • Fixed an issue for some themes where more than one tile needs to be fixed (lockscreen only)
  • Fixed Flaunch spelling


  • DDS auto injection, no more external tools
  • Lockscreen and User settings themes, 6.0 settings and news support
  • Support for external patches (called templates) and advanced tools to help them develop them, read about patch development in  templates.md

Also  here  you can find a guide to download theme files from your switch