[SWITCH] EdiZon-SE v3.7.0 Released [AGGX1]

 AUG 30, 2020

Developer tomvita has released a new EdiZon-SE update with the new version 3.7.0.EdiZon-SE is a fork of WerWolv’s EdiZon 3.1 nightly, a Homebrew save file dumper, injector and console editor for Horizon, the Nintendo Switch operating system.

Note: if you are using Atmosphere 0.10.0+, you need to use the snapshot version of EdiZon. Older versions of EdiZon don’t work on the latest Atmosphere.


EdiZon consists of 3 different main functions.

  • Save file management
    • Extraction of game saves.
    • Injection of extracted game saves (your files and those of your friends).
    • Upload save files directly to  https://anonfile.com  .
    • Batch extraction of all save files of all games on the system.
  • Save the file change
    • Easy to use, programmable and easily expandable console save editing.
      • Support for Lua and Python scripts.
    • Integrated save editor updater.
  • On-the-fly memory modification
    • Cheat Engine like RAM modification.
    • Freezing of values ​​in RAM via the Atmosphère cheat module.
    • Interface for loading, managing and updating Atmosphère cheats.

All wrapped up in an easy to use and easy to install Homebrew.

Save the editor configuration and script files

To download working editor configuration and editor script files, visit  this repository

Check out our  Wiki page  for more information on how to create your own editor configuration and editor script files.

How to install it

  1. Download the latest version from  the GitHub page  .
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file, put the files on your Nintendo Switch’s SD card and let the folders merge.
  3. Use a free open source CFW like  Atmosphère  to run hbmenu and start EdiZon from there.
    1. If you want to use the cheat manager you absolutely must use  Atmosphère  as only their cheats are supported.
    2. For a better experience, open the  /atmosphere/system_settings.inifile and  dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x1switch to  dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x0.