[3DS / 2DS] How to emulate amiibo on 3DS with Wumiibo

 SEP 1, 2020



Warning: not all amiibo are supported. For example those of Mario on Megaman are not supported

  • Insert the SD card of your 3ds in your computer, open the luma folder, you will find a folder called ” titles ” (if it does not exist, create it)
  • Inside the ” titles ” folder copy the 0004013000004002 folder that you will find in the wumiibo .zip file
  • Now, in the root of the SD create a folder called ” wumiibo ” and insert the .non files of your amiibo (to download the amiibo go here: https://hax0kartik.github.io/amiibo-generator/ )
  • Insert the SD card into your 3ds and launch it while holding select to open the luma menu.
  • Select and activate enable game patching , immediately after press start to exit the menu
  • Launch the game you want to homebrew on and go to the screen where it will ask you to scan amiibo
  • Press L + Start + d-pad down , doing so will bring up the wumiibo menu
  • Select select a figure and then select the desired amiibo

  • Exit the wumiibo menu and here is your desired amiibo


The following guide was written by the GAC Team, bigsmok3 and tested with photos by Giullare86.For any problem we are at your complete disposal at the following link