[SWITCH] RetroReloaded PRO v1.34 released

 AUG 29, 2020

The developer RetroGamer74 is constantly updating the RetroReloaded all-in-one solution by releasing the PRO version 1.34 compatible with the latest firmware 10.0.0 for Nintendo Switch.Inspired by ArgonNX this program allows you to launch your favorite CFW with a graphical interface pleasant and always with the latest updates of SXOS, ReiNX and Atmosphere, an alternative to Kosmos.

Very important: if this is your first time upgrading to RetroReloaded 2.02, or your first time using RetroReloaded, be sure to remove the folders from your microSD named, atmosphere and ReiNX. 
Don’t worry they will be regenerated by RetroReloaded.


You have two options. Use Windows Installer or download the zip file in the Releases section  and extract it yourself to your microSD.

Option 1

Download  Windows RetroReloaded Installer  to automatically prepare your microSD.

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Option 2

Download the latest version available (  https://github.com/RetroGamer74/RR_RetroReloaded/releases  ), extract it by overwriting the existing files on your microSD. It does not overwrite application configuration files or delete data.


You can use the following options to start RetroReloaded.

Using a USB-C cable and a PC

If you use this option you will never have to update payload.bin. Download  NX_Payload_Forwarder Myself that I developed, using the following link link  , and the copy is in any folder of your PC. This payload does not require updates because when you run it it does nothing but load the payload that is in the microSD. Therefore the functionality of this payload is always the same and in this way you avoid having to copy the payload.bin which is updated in the RetroReloaded version.

Once downloaded and copied, using a payload injector such as TegraRCMGui, (see CREDITS), select the previously downloaded payload file (NX Payload Forwarder). Connect your Switch and your PC via USB-C cable. Enter RCM mode, using your JIG and pressing Vol + and Power. If you don’t know how, you can enter our discord for help.

Link to RetroGamer_74 support forums

Using dongles

Using the SX OS (TX) Dongle

Since version 3.50, you can use SX OS dongle to start RetroReloaded. Click on the dongle and start as usual. Instead of booting SX OS, the RetroReloaded menu will launch, unless you have turned on the Autoboot option in RetroReloaded, in which case you will need to hold down the Vol button – so that the menu appears when it restarts.

Using the R4S dongle

You can use R4i dongle. Using the following official download link, let’s flash a payload.


Connect the R4S dongle to the PC using the microUSB cable. Put the dongle into flash writing mode by pressing the button in one of its corners twice in a row. This will automatically bring up the Windows File Explorer window and a new drive on your system. Now all we need to do is copy the file with the UF2 extension directly to the new drive that appears in File Explorer. We can do drag & drop. Once the file has been copied, the file is disconnected from flash mode and the scanner unit disappears. At that moment the dongle is already programmed.

What is the overlay?

The overlap is technically all the layers that appear overlaid at the information level on the switch. From notifications, the Home button menu and the Shutdown menu, are examples. If you decide to overwrite the overlay and put your own you have to implement everything so that the user is not missing any functionality.

RetroReloaded has implemented an overlay to create a shutdown menu which allows sxos and reinx to be reset to the RetroReloaded payload for user convenience.

What is AutoUpdate?

RetroReloaded has implemented a feature, taking advantage of the informational capabilities of Overlay, to put in the background the download of a RetroReloaded update if it is really available.

The automatic update takes place in two parts. The first occurs while you hit the switch, for example. You will receive a notification when the download begins and another when the process is complete. Once you receive the first notification if you open the main menu, a progress bar will be displayed, first green and then red. When the process is complete, the process notification will be finished. Right now the update is ready to be installed, but this will happen when you reboot the switch, to prevent anything from getting damaged.

When you start and enter the RetroReloaded start menu, you will see a button at the top right indicating that a new update is available. Press it and follow the instructions. There are no losses

Here you can see a video of the process.

Can I use RetroReloaded to hack my Mariko?

Yes. RetroReloaded is ready to boot Mariko with custom firmware.

Follow this  video

Can i use AutoRCM?

Sure. The first time you start RetroReloaded you can start the Hekate tool. In its Tools menu, at the bottom right you will find the AutoRCM option. After enabling it, the console will no longer start automatically, but will remain in RCM mode waiting for the payload injection, from TegraRCMGUI and from the PC or by clicking on a dongle. This saves the JIG. It’s not necessary any more

Is it possible to disable AutoRCM?

Sure The same way you activated it, it’s deactivated. Enter Hekate from the RetroReloaded menu and go to the Tools menu. Lower it to the right you will find the AutoRCM option that you will now have enabled. Click on it and it will deactivate.

What is 90DNS?

90DNS is a DNS service that provides IP addresses to be used as primary DNS and secondary DNS. Changed on your console’s network settings, they will prevent it from connecting to NN services. Thus avoiding any risk of prohibition. In recent versions the SX OS stealth mode has been compromised, so it’s not a guarantee. We recommend all users to add 90DNS in addition to enabling Stealth mode.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Can I use my Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 gamepdas?

Yes. There is a module built into RetroReloaded which is still under development. You can enable it in the service menu. It currently requires the switch to be plugged into the Dock and the gamepad to be connected via USB to the dock. Bluetooth support is under development.

Can I use the unknown?

Yes. Incognito is now accessible from the beginning of RetroReloaded, so you will never need any other firmware-dependent modules. Press the incognito button on the main start screen, backup and activate it. That’s all

Can i use Super Lan Play?

Obviously RetroReloaded is ready to be used with Atmosphere and Super Lan Play.

Can i use Emunand?

Yes. Emunand for Atmosphere has a special integration in RetroReloaded. Once created or migrated from the SX OS (you can use this  video  if you want to make your emunand SX OS compatible with Atmosphere), a new button will appear in the RetroReloaded startup, from which you can enable or disable emunand at moment of snatch

If you want to do a complete integration and previously you had emunand in the SX operating system and you have already followed the video of the previous link and you have migrated it to Atmosphere, remember that to make it compatible with the atmosphere you have to modify the file in the emuMMC folder of your microSD, which is called emummc.ini and you will find some lines similar to these:

[Emummc]enabled = 1

sector = 0x1a278800

path = emuMMC / RAW1

id = 0x0000

nintendo_path = emuMMC / RAW1 / Nintendo

What you need to do is change the path and nintendo_path paths in the Emutendo folder, which is the one originally used by the SX OS in your emunando. Remember that you should only do this if you want to continue using emunand from both SX OS and Atmosphere. However, it may require you to reinstall the games.

Therefore the file would look like this:

[Emummc]enabled = 1

sector = 0x1a278800

path = Emutendo

id = 0x0000

nintendo_path = Emuting

Startup manager

Depending on your needs, you can use the custom firmware available below.

First option:


Currently 0.14.1

Supported Firmware: 1.0.0 – 10.0.0

Includes support to play in Super Lan Play. You can play your Switch, even if it has been banned, with other players in multiplayer.

It is not an official service. Read the instructions carefully and connect to our support forums on discord, because you need an account to play.

Second option:


Currently 2.4

Supported Firmware: 1.0.0 – 9.2.0

Includes support to play in Super Lan Play. You can play your Switch, even if it has been banned, with other players in multiplayer.

It is not an official service. Read the instructions carefully and connect to our support forums on discord, because you need an account to play.

Third option:


Important: remember to copy the license.dat file to the root of your microSD.

Supported Firmware: 1.0.0 – 9.2.0 (2.9.4 Beta)

You can play in Super Lan Play as long as the Lan Play service in the options menu is enabled in the SX OS and has been updated by the SX OS developers.



  • Includes all features from 1.20 to 1.33 and the latest version 1.34