[PS4] Ps4 Package Sender v1.05 released

 SEP 5, 2020

Developer frostyso has released a new update of PS4 Package Sender with the new version 1.05.PS4 Package Sender is a program that allows you to send large quantities of files remotely on our PS4.

Can send:

  • Games
  • Patch
  • DLC


Once Node JS is installed, open cmd and paste this command in

npm install http-server -g

How to use it

The import order of the pkg files does not matter. The program will be installed automatically in this order

Games -> Patches -> DLC -> Themes

It will also automatically combine multi-part patches if the formatting follows Sony’s standard naming convention.


  • Launch the pkg installer on your ps4
  • Drag and drop your pkg files (or folders) into the GUI.
  • Choose your server IP
  • Choose your PS4 IP
  • Wait for the connection status to say connected
  • Process the queue!

Basic features

Recursive Search: If a folder is imported, with this option selected, all subfolders will be searched for pkg files.

Context menu options

  • Requeue Item (s)
  • Mark as theme (if you are installing / uninstalling a theme, use it to mark it as a theme)
  • Flag for uninstall
  • Erase everything

Known issues

The installation of themes is bagged by themes in several parts. This is a problem with the package installer itself, not the package sender


Ps4 Package Sender v1.05