Dragon Ball FighterZ (DBFz) Mod PS4 FPKG by Markus95 Released

Last week we saw a preview of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Mod work-in-progress by @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095), and this weekend he released it via Twitter confirming it works with both PS4 5.05 / 5.07 Jailbroken Consoles and also on PS4 6.72 Jailbroken Consoles😍

Download: mod_DBFz_v3.pkg (2.37 GB)

Here’s more details from his post on Logic-Sunrise.com, to quote roughly translated: New Mods for Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Here is as announced on my twitter, the publication of new PC mods of Dragon Ball Fighter Z for PS4.

Indeed a large community of modders are having fun on Dragon Ball Fighter Z, many mods (available here) are very easily executable on PC and offer a lot of new features (different transformations, new character skins, new characters, original music or still new courses).

After 2 versions of different PC Mods for PS4, here are ten new mods for this 3rd mod pack of Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS4.

This new mod pack is installed on version CUSA09072 of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a simple PKG to install like any other PKG via the Debug menu of the console.

It includes many changes described in the changelog above.

You will also need to have installed version 1.19 and all the available DLCs in order to benefit from all the mods in this pack.


  • Install the base games
  • Install version 1.19
  • Install all DLC
  • Install mod-pack last

This mod works perfectly on 5.05 and should work also on 6.72 (not tested), I am waiting for your feedback on 6.72 to know if it should be modified for, which would amaze me.

  • Gogeta super sayen
  • Goku normal outfit change
  • Gohan of the future
  • Goku super sayen 3
  • Frieza Ultimate Form
  • C-18 change of dress
  • Normal vegeta with damage
  • Little goku super sayen 3
  • C-17 original outfit
  • Baddack super sayen
  • Goku blue version DBS Broly
  • Vegeta super sayen Majin
  • Broly super sayen 3
  • Vegeto super sayen 3 blue
  • Piccolo with damage
  • Android 21 switch with Bulma
  • Hit Manga version
  • Black Goku super sayen 3 rose
  • Zamasu merged switch with normal Zamasu

Note: It replaces the character, the skin change method does not work on PS4 unfortunately… Obliged to change the complete character.

New mod on PS4 ^^

Dragon Ball FighterZ (DBFz) Mod PS4 FPKG by Markus95 Released.jpg