4.87 OFW Released – CFW / Homebrew / Exploits updates for 4.87

This thread will be updated with CFW / Homebrew / Tools / Exploits that are updated for 4.87 Support.

Check back soon (as things are released they will be added to the thread here.)
Thread will change often in the next several weeks Stay Tuned :)


  • Exploits:

    • Custom Firmware capable models
      • Flash Memory Manager (via @bguerville Toolset (ps3xploit.net)) = Needs update for 4.87 support, likely will happen after a PROPER 4.87 CFW is released from a trusted developer.
    • NON-CFW capable models
      • PS3HEN (via PS3Xploit.com) = Needs Updated for 4.87 Support,
      • @zecoxao has an unofficial method posted in the forum for 4.87, but the developer suggest that you should still wait for an official release to make sure everything is smooth.I won’t provide a direct link based on that advice from the dev, but i also figure if you cant find the link then for sure you failed the test and should not even attempt his method for advanced user’s :) .

    Firmware (Special-Type)

    • HFW 4.87.1: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/4-87-hfw-hybrid-firmware.31958/
      • HFW (aka Hybrid Firmware) re-enables a bug in firmware 4.82 official firmware (patched in 4.83 OFW) restored in 4.84/4.85/4.86/4.87 with the installation of HFW. HFW can install on any unmodified system. Once HFW is installed, it provides a path for PS3HEN installations on those models that are not CFW compatible.

    Custom FirmWare (CFW)

    • ..
    • .
    • ..
    • .


    Tools / Utilities

    • .
    • .
    • .
    • .

    Guides: (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)


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