FreePSXBoot by brad-lin version 1.1


  • Exploit allowing to load arbitrary code on the PSX (i.e. PlayStation 1) using only a memory card (no game needed).

    In other words, it’s a softmod which requires a memory card, and a way to write raw data to it.

    To use it, you will need a way to copy full memory card images (not individual files) to a memory card. Some possibilities are:

    • A PS2 and the software Memory Card Annihilator v2 (use “Restore MC image”)
    • Memcarduino. Requires soldering wires to the memory card.
    • Using a Memcard Pro, which lets you create your own virtual memory cards on an sdcard. Simply drop the card image file you want to use as Memory Card 1, Channel 1.
    • Using Unirom and NOTPSXserial with a serial/USB cable, using the command : nops /fast /mcup 0 COMPORT where FILE is the mcd file corresponding to your model, and COMPORT corresponds to your computer serial port.



    By flashing FreePSXBoot to your Memory Card, you need to be aware of the following:

    • The .mcd image files replace the whole contents of your card, meaning that your Memory Card will be ENTIRELY WIPED after flashing a .mcd image, so creating a backup of your saves is compulsory.
    • Because the exploit has corrupt Memory Card filesystem on purpose for it to run, your card will become unusable for normal operations. That is, you won’t be able to use this card for saving and loading game saves and it will cause crashes on your PS1 or your PS2 console (if you have any).
    • Once installed, it may become difficult to uninstall, as the normal software to re-format a memory card won’t work, due to the exploit itself. You could end up with no means to recover the memory card; if for example your installation method was Memory Card Annihilator v2, then it will also crash. MemcarduinoUnirom, or using the Memcard Pro would currently be safe bets.


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