CFW 4.88 Evilnat Cobra [CEX]

  • 4.88 EVILNAT (COBRA 8.3)

    With the recent release of OFW 4.88, and seeing that no CFW has come out in these last days, I decided to make one with basic patches and Cobra, as all the current CFWs that exist right now.

    Cobra 8.3 is added from my Github repository and it is enabled by default
    XAI Plugin is added from my Github repository and it is enabled by default​


    • Made out of 4.88 OFW
    • Made manually without automatic tools
    • SEN/PSN enabled
    • Disabled deletion of unsigned act.dat and .rif files
    • Allowed unsigned act.dat and .rif files
    • Allowed running of unsigned applications
    • Compatibility with FSELF
    • C00 demo unlocker
    • Disabled LIC.EDAT license check
    • Can be installed over 3.55 OFW
    • Can be installed over +3.56 OFW (bguerville Toolset)
    • Can be installed over any CFW CEX
    • COBRA 8.3 added and enabled as default
    • Full PS2 Games Compatibility
    • Possibility of Downgrade from any CFW with active QA Flags
    • QA Flags active if previously enabled
    • Disabled Epilepsy Message on Boot
    • Compatibility with PSX games in ISO
    • Compatibility with PSP games in ISO
    • Compatibility with PS2 games in ISO
    • Compatibility with PS3 games in ISO/JB folder format
    • Compatibility with ReactPSN
    • Display of Temperatures in XMB In-Game on PS2 Games
    • RSOD Screen Bypass
    • BSOD Screen Bypass
    • PS3_GAME/app_home
    • XMB In-Game Screenshot
    • Added Package Manager
    • CoreOS Hash Check patched to prevent Brick on non-dehashed Downgradate consoles
    • Patched to remove LV2 Protection
    • Peek and Poke (LV2)
    • Peek and Poke (LV1)
    • CINAVIA protection disabled

    Cobra 8.3

    • Failsafe Cobra stage2 (by bguerville/aldo)
    • Restore CFW Syscalls without reboot just entering to ‘Settings > System Update’ on XMB (by aldo)
    • Integrated Dynamic Control FAN (to control fan when webMAN is unloaded) (by aldo/Evilnat)
    • Support Photo GUI integration with webMAN MOD (mount games from ‘Photo’ column) (by aldo/DeViL303)
    • Get/Set FAN speed (by aldo)
    • Enable/disable features: Photo GUI, Restore Syscalls (by aldo)
    • Opcode to create CFW Syscalls (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 389, 409) (by aldo)
    • Opcode to set fake accountID (by Evilnat)
    • Opcode to activate account (act.dat) (by Evilnat)
    • Opcode to create license (RIF) (by Evilnat)
    • Updated ps3mapi_load_process_modules to load custom modules and system modules (by haxxxen)
    • Added ps3mapi_get_process_module_info
    • Increased from 24 to 32 the max number of map paths (by aldo)
    • Added sm_get_temperature patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
    • Added sm_get_fan_policy patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
    • Added sm_set_fan_policy patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
    • Fixed Control FAN payload, avoids loading previous mode (by Evilnat)
    • Disable stage2.bin while Recovery Menu is loaded (by haxxxen)
    • Fixed max FAN speed after shutdown (by Evilnat)
    • Improved Habib’s QA flags code imported by aldostools (by Evilnat)
    • Fixed black screen in CFW2OFW converted games (by Evilnat)
    • Added sm_ring_buzzer with single_beep, double_beep and triple_beep (by Evilnat)
    • Skip license creation (rif) if it already exists (by aldo)
    • Added cellFsMkdir symbol (by Evilnat)
    • Fixed freezes on NAND with payload new address (by Evilnat)
    • Added constant FAN Speed while a PS2 ISO is launched (by Evilnat)
    • Check/Disable/Enable QA Flags (by Evilnat)
    • Creation of act.dat while launching a PSN game (by Evilnat)
    • Convert someones’s else savedata to your own savedata (by Evilnat)

    Tested in:

    • CECH-2000A
    • CECH-2000B
    • CECH-2001A
    • CECH-2002B
    • CECH-2004A
    • CECH-2012A
    • CECH-2104B
    • CECH-2500A
    • CECH-2501A
    • CECH-2504A
    • CECH-2511A
    • CECH-2511B
    • CECH-1000
    • CECH-L04
    • CECHA01
    • CECHE01
    • CECHB01
    • CECHC04
    • CECHG01
    • CECHP01

    Improvements xai plugin

    These options are in Network tab under [★ Custom Firmware Tools] option:

    Power Options

    • Turn Off: Turns off the PS3
    • Hard Reboot: Reboots the PS3 completely
    • Soft Reboot: Reboots the PS3 softly
    • Reboot LV2: Reboots the LV2

    Basic Tools

    • FAN Speed: Shows current FAN speed
    • PS3 Temperature: Shows current CPU and RSX temperature
    • Show IDPS: Shows current IDPS
    • Show PSID: Shows current PSID
    • Toggle Coldboot: Toggles between custom/original coldboot.raf
    • Toggle System Version: Toggles between custom/original system version in “System Information”

    Basic Tools > xRegistry Tools

    • Show accountID: Shows current user’s accountID
    • Backup activation file: Creates a backup of act.dat to /dev_usb or /dev_hdd0
    • Disable account: Deletes current user’s activation file act.dat permanently
    • Backup xRegistry.sys: Creates a backup of xRegistry.sys to /dev_usb or /dev_hdd0
    • Button Assignment: Switches O and X buttons

    Cobra Tools

    • Convert savedata: Converts savedata from “/dev_usbXXX/PS3/SAVEDATA” to your own savedata
    • Cobra Information: Shows current Cobra information
    • Activate account: Creates act.dat file in the current local account
    • Create license: Creates RIF licenses from RAP files from “x:\exdata”
    • Create accountID: Creates a fake accountID for current user’s in xRegistry
    • Overwrite accountID: Overwrites current user’s accountID with a fake one in xRegistry
    • Create Syscalls: Create syscalls 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 389 and 409
    • Allow Restore Syscalls: Allows restoring syscalls through “System Update”
    • Skip license creation: Skips overwriting license file (RIF) if it already exists
    • Toggle “What’s New”: Toggles “What’s New” option in “PlayStation™ Network” tab
    • Toggle Cobra: Enables or disables Cobra (reboot is required)

    Cobra Tools > FAN Tools

    • Control FAN Mode: DISABLED: Disables Cobra’s Control FAN
    • Control Fan Mode: SYSCONAllows the PS3’s SYSCON to control FAN speed
    • Control Fan Mode: MAXSet Cobra FAN speed to 0xFF

    Cobra Tools > QA Tools

    • Check QA Flags: Check if QA flags are enabled or disabled
    • Enable QA Flags: Enables QA Flags
    • Disable QA Flags: Disables QA Flags

    Cobra Tools > FAN Tools > Dynamic FAN Control

    • Maximum temperature: 60°C: Sets the fan speed dynamically to keep the system at a maximum temperature of 60°C
    • Maximum Temperature: 65°C: Sets the fan speed dynamically to keep the system at a maximum temperature of 65°C
    • Maximum Temperature: 70°C: Sets the fan speed dynamically to keep the system at a maximum temperature of 70°C
    • Maximum Temperature: 75°C: Sets the fan speed dynamically to keep the system at a maximum temperature of 75°C

    WARNING: Some PS3 cannot reach/stay some option temperatures, use with caution

    Cobra Tools > FAN Tools > Manual Speed

    • Manual Speed: 40%: Sets the fan speed statically at 40% (0x67)
    • Manual Speed: 45%: Sets the fan speed statically at 45% (0x75)
    • Manual Speed: 50%: Sets the fan speed statically at 50% (0x80)
    • Manual Speed: 55%: Sets the fan speed statically at 55% (0x8E)
    • Manual Speed: 60%: Sets the fan speed statically at 60% (0x9B)
    • Manual Speed: 65%: Sets the fan speed statically at 65% (0xA8)
    • Manual Speed: 70%: Sets the fan speed statically at 70% (0xB5)
    • Manual Speed: 75%: Sets the fan speed statically at 75% (0xC0)
    • Manual Speed: 80%: Sets the fan speed statically at 80% (0xCE)
    • Manual Speed: 85%: Sets the fan speed statically at 85% (0xDA)
    • Manual Speed: 90%: Sets the fan speed statically at 90% (0xE7)

    WARNING: The chosen speed will be static, it will not be changed at any time automatically

    Cobra Tools > FAN Tools > PS2 FAN

    • PS2 Fan Mode: DISABLED: Disables Control FAN on PS2 game
    • PS2 Fan Mode: SYSCON: Allows the PS3’s SYSCON to control FAN speed on PS2 game
    • PS2 Fan Mode: 40%: Sets FAN speed to 0x66 on PS2 game
    • PS2 Fan Mode: 50%: Sets FAN speed to 0x80 on PS2 game
    • PS2 Fan Mode: 60%: Sets FAN speed to 0x9A on PS2 game
    • PS2 Fan Mode: 70%: Sets FAN speed to 0xB4 on PS2 game
    • PS2 Fan Mode: 80%: Sets FAN speed to 0xCE on PS2 game
    • PS2 Fan Mode: 90%: Sets FAN speed to 0xE8 on PS2 game

    WARNING: There is no Control FAN in a PS2 game, select with caution

    Dump Tools

    • View Log: http://localhost/dev_hdd0/tmp/cfw_settings.log (webMAN MOD is required for this function)
    • Clean Log File: Resets /dev_hdd0/tmp/cfw_settings.log file
    • Dump IDPS: Saves IDPS to log file
    • Dump PSID: Saves PSID to log file
    • vLog KLicense usage: Saves filename and klicensee to log file
    • Log Secure File ID usage: Writes save data name and file ID key to log file
    • Dump Disc Hash Key: Retrieves disc hash key from an ORIGINAL game disc

    Service Tools

    • Display Applicable Version: Displays minimum downgrade version
    • Check File System: Reboots and allows you to check and repair filesystem
    • Rebuild Database: Reboots with Database rebuilding flag set
    • Toggle Recovery Mode: Reboot to Recovery Mode (Not supported on NAND models!)

    Service Tools > Advanced Service Tools

    • RSOD fix: Re-initialize VTRM-Region to attempt to fix RSOD
    • Toggle Factory Service Mode: Enter/Exit Factory Service Mode (DON’T INSTALL CFW ON FSM)
    • Remarry Bluray Drive: Requires: Enter to FSM and copy “eid_root_key” to /dev_usb
    • Load LV2 kernel: Loads lv2_kernel.self file from /dev_usb000 or /dev_flash

    Savegames conversion tutorial

    WARNING: This option will overwrite your current savedata in dev_usbXXX, use it with caution

    • Download someone else’s savegame for your game of your choice
    • Put the savedata in your pendrive in “X:\PS3\SAVEDATA” (pendrive must be in FAT32)
    • Put in the pendrive in the PS3
    • Select Network Tab > [★ Custom Firmware Tools] > Cobra Tools > Convert Savedata
    • Wait until the conversion finishes
    • Once finished, copy your converted savedata throught XMB “Saved Data Utility (PS3)
    • Launch your game and load your new savedata

    Creation of act.dat tutorial

    WARNING: The accountID is linked to savedata and trophies, so, if your current user already have a valid accountID and you overwrite it, you will be unable to use your trophies and savedata on that account until you restore the original accountID in xRegistry.sys.

    I recommend to use an empty account without trophies and savedata or an account without accountID.
    To create a fake act.dat, Cobra 8.3 must be enabled, and your PS3 must have at least one account with a valid accountID and launch a game that requires a RIF/RAP license file.

    Cobra will search a valid accountID in all existing accounts. If no accountID is found, act.dat will not be created.
    You can create a fake accountID (like reactPSN), to do this go to Network > ★ Custom Firmware Tools > Cobra Tools and choose between “Create accountID” or “Overwrite accountID” (Be careful about the last option because if you already have a fake/real accountID it will be overwritten). It is recommended to use these options in an account that does not have an ID. The PS3 will restart if everything went well.

    The tutorial would be the following:

    • Download your purchased PSN game from PS Store
    • Put game RAP file in “X:\exdata” or “/dev_hdd0/exdata
    • Launch your purchased PSN game
    • Cobra will check if any of your PS3 accounts have accountID
    • Faked act.dat will be created while the game is launching

    If none of your accounts have a valid accountID you will need to create it. To do this log into the local PS3 account where you want to create the accountID. You can see if your current local account has an accountID choosing Network Tab > [★ Custom Firmware Tools] > Basic Tools > xRegistry Tools Show accountID.

    To create a faked act.dat do the following:

    • Make sure Cobra 8.3 is enabled
    • Select Network Tab > [★ Custom Firmware Tools] > Cobra Tools Create accountID
    • Select Network Tab > [★ Custom Firmware Tools] > Cobra Tools > Activate account
    • Launch your purchased PSN game
    • Faked act.dat will be created while the game is launching

    Now you have a faked act.dat and your local account is activated. The act.dat file works for every local account, you only need one file for all accounts.

    I hope that the CFW is working fine and without issues for everyone, but if you see any issue, please let me know in my twitter and I will try to fix it as soon as possible@xXEvilnatXx

    Credits and Acknowledgment

    Credits to Team Rebug, Team Cobra, @mysis@Joonie@habib@aldostools@haxxxen@DeViL303@zecoxao@3141card@Berion@kakaroto, @KW, @naehrwert, @flatz, @Dean@Rogero, @Estwald and anyone who has contributed to the PS3 scene.

    Thank the help of @nice69@Reeeepti, @zecoxao, @DeViL303, @nice69, @Oscardavidalta6@SOS_VZLA_LIBRE, @Coro, @RetroFan_90, @SpyroMancer, @raidriar, @Brandon Stump, @Xploiting, @thejavigames, @nhie07@NSC-Modz, @Zwei and @telurkelinci for testing the CFW 4.87.X

    Thanks to @DeViL303@Berion@Brandon Stump@jcorrea@nhie07@NSC-Modz@LuanTeles@thejavigames@raidriar@xiaoyang@Zwei@haxxxen@RetroFan_90@SpyroMancer@patricksouza472@MrYadro@CFW-Us3r, @Andrio, @pl_kcr, Nur Rakhmadi Rajab and all who helped me testing the CFW 4.88.

    If I forgot someone, I apologize, there are many people in the PS3 scene and you are many people who
    have helped me to test the CFW.


Download: CFW EVILNAT 4.88 COBRA 8.3 [CEX]

MD5: 2443EC530BC27CE5747D17AE0EC620C3

Download: CFW EVILNAT 4.88 COBRA 8.3 [CEX] [noBD]

MD5: 3454AB1FF96E163200068C1789806F86

Download:CFW EVILNAT 4.88 COBRA 8.3 [CEX] [noBT]

MD5: 897871DC1FABA3C2FED2CE5F050F1C64

Download: CFW EVILNAT 4.88 COBRA 8.3 [CEX] [noBD] [noBT]

MD5: 9069AB89D4475A2C0CA06DEEA239DD83

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