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PSP/PS Vita Release: CheatDevice Remastered (GTA LCS and VC Trainer) by Freakler

Now this is a project crafted with love if I’ve ever seen one! Developer Freakler has release CheatDevice Remastered, a trainer and cheat engine for GTA Vice City and GTA Liberty City Stories on the PSP/PS Vita, which is an entire remake of the original CheatDevice, initially released more than 15 years ago for the PSP.

And while Rockstar would love you to shell 60 bucks for their remaster of a 15 year old game while they sue fans of the game, it’s fanmade mods like this one that have kept the game alive for so long. Don’t fall prey for the cashgrab, and instead play your old games 😉

From Freakler:

As a child I loved playing with the CheatDevice and seeing this menu loaded via a simple savefile was like dark magic to me.. So I swore myself to understand and learn how to achieve this myself someday. Over the last years I worked on this little project whenever I had some freetime on & off. I am surely no expert in C or reverse engineering but this project helped and I learned a lot. I never intended to release this initially but why keep it for myself. I bet one or two nostalgic oldtimers might have some fun with this just like me.

This certainly brings back memories. GTA LCS has a strong history on the PSP, also being one of the first games used to exploit the console back in the days. (unrelated to this release but it holds a special place in my heart).

What is CheatDevice Remastered for the PSP/ PS Vita?

CheatDevice Remastered is a Trainer/Cheat tool for GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City on the PSP and PS Vita. While in game, press L+UP to display the menu.



CheatDevice allows the following things, among other:

  • Infinite health and armor
  • Edit wanted level
  • Edit time
  • Edit weather + Snow
  • Spawn anything
  • Display coordinates and speed
  • Teleport
  • Step through walls
  • Power jump
  • Activate spawn cheats with one button
  • Edit car colors
  • Never fall off your motorcycle
  • Your car is indestructible, always steaming, smoking, or on fire
  • Heavy bike
  • Turn while power jumping
  • Added “Really High” to teleport list for Dodo gliding
  • Flyable Dodo with thrust
  • Added step up/down, use -1.5m to submerge a flatbed to ramp level
  • Step through walls works while driving
  • Bikes can drive on walls
  • Gravity
  • Freeze everything
  • Gameplay speed
  • Walking speed
  • Flip over
  • Unlimited heli flying height
  • Cheat Maker
  • Select ped outfit, press TRIANGLE to activate
  • Rocket Boost!
  • Teleport to player target (the player-set red marker on the map)
  • Construction Mode
  • Hover cars
  • Gather spell
  • Drivable RC toys
  • Your car is indestructible also prevents visible damage
  • Gangs no longer attack you
  • Water level
  • Heavy cars
  • Automatically flip over
  • Drive on walls works for cars too

Improvements to the original:

  • now works with all game versions (except JP)
  • now works with High Memory Layout & other plugins
  • navigating the menu will not affect game controls
  • now utilizing the games fonts & blocking UI elements
  • getting names & texts directly from memory
  • expanded & enhanced HexEditor
  • no more menu flickering!!
  • lots of fixes & improvements

New Features:

  • skipable Intro Movies
  • Character Model swapping
  • completely disable traffic and pedestrians
  • FreeCamera
  • Map & MiniMap options
  • Speed’O’meter
  • makes German version uncut again
  • Pickup & Vehicle spawner
  • real random loadscreens!
  • advanced Editors for stats, settings etc
  • lots of customization via config

Known Bugs

  • resetting water level in VCS keeps areas flooded
  • saving config in LCS with value might load wrong value in VCS and vice versa
  • after sleep LCS menu text might not return to fullscreen
  • custom LCS loadscreen sometimes crash the game
  • huge health bar for missions with protect vehicle
  • cheat: kill peds aiming at you not working with meele or fists

Download and install CheatDevice Remastered

You can download CheatDevice Remastered from the official page here.

Although CheatDevice Remastered should work on all PSP/Vita models, Freakler recommends the following configuration: Vita OLED model + Adrenaline eCFW + GTA Remastered prx + GTANativeRes prx + High Memory Layout + 333mhz Game clock + 60 FPS Cheat


  1. Copy the “cheatdevice_remastered.prx” file inside “ms0:/seplugins” folder on your PSP
  2. Edit “ms0:/seplugins/GAME.TXT” file (create it if not already there) and add the line “ms0:/seplugins/cheatdevice_remastered.prx 1”
    If you are using the native resolution patch by TheFloW make sure to load the CheatDevice first by placeing “gta_native.prx” line AFTER this one!
  3. In the VSH-menu enable 333Mhz in Game-mode for a smoother experience.
  4. Optional: If you want object/ped names etc translations for editors copy both “cheatdevice_names_lcs.ini” & “cheatdevice_names_vcs.ini” next to the prx.

Source: Freakler

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