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[Scene Switch] DBI v576 released

Published a new update of DBI , the program for installing NSP, NSZ, XCI and XCZ files from SD cards, via USB or FTP from a PC or USB mass storage device connected to the Switch console.



The tool supports installation via MTP, USB (with DBI backend script or dbi-nsw tool), http (from your own server), from external USB devices and more.

The MTP mode allows users to connect the Switch console to the PC, in this way the desired files can be “copied” to the virtual MTP device, waiting to be installed. This new update adds a conform screen when removing games.

Once the Switch console is connected to the PC, you can browse the files contained on the SD card, easily save screenshots and memory states. If you want, you can also delete pending system updates.

Several fixes and improvements have been made in the latest DBI update . A memory allocation bug for buffers has been fixed, which prevented the maximum number of buffers allowed from being exceeded.

This helped improve the program’s memory management. Also, a visual issue on the dbibackend standby screen has been fixed, which may have been a cosmetic or display defect.

Also implemented a secure password and certificate support for the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SSH), allowing the use of keys for authentication.

Among other things, the implementation of libnx has been updated, ensuring better compatibility and functionality with the latest versions of homebrew development for Nintendo Switch.


  • Fixed a memory allocation bug for buffers (“Extra Buffers Exceeded”) : This fixes a memory management issue where the maximum number of buffers has been exceeded.
  • Fixed a visual glitch on the dbibackend standby screen : This presumably refers to a fix to a visual glitch present on the system or application standby screen of dbibackend ( #224 ).
  • Implemented secure password and certificate support for SSH File Transfer Protocol (with keys /switch/.ssh/id_rsaand /switch/.ssh/id_rsa.pub) : This denotes a security improvement where SSH authentication using passwords and certificates has been supported.
  • Updated libnx implementation : This means that the implementation of libnx (a library often used in the context of Nintendo Switch homebrew development) has been updated.

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Downloads: DBI v576

Downloads: DBI v576

Download: DBI RU v576

Download: DBI Backend (exe)

Download: DBI Backend (tar.xz)

Download: dbi.config

Download: Source code DBI v576

Source: github.com

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